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Employee Schedule Template

Create a Custom Schedule For Your Business With Free Employee Schedule Templates

Employee schedules help managers and staff stay organized and informed. With employee schedule templates, managers can easily create effective schedules by customizing fields and inputting standard scheduling information.

Here, we’ve provided five templates for the most common types of employee schedules. Choose from standard, weekly, monthly, hourly, or 24 hour schedules. For information about a more effective approach to employee scheduling, be sure to check out the full article.

Employee Schedule Template

Employee Schedule Template

This standard employee schedule template is perfect for businesses who follow a bi-weekly schedule. Here, you can fill in employee names, the dates and times they are scheduled to work, daily and weekly total hours, and more.

Download here for free. Available in Excel, Google Sheets, PDF, Word, and Google Docs.

Weekly Employee Schedule Template

Weekly Employee Schedule Template

This weekly employee schedule template lets employers easily manage their staff’s shifts. By downloading and customizing this template, you can provide a schedule that is easy to follow and meets your businesses scheduling needs.

Download your preferred version here. Choose from Excel, Google Sheets, PDF, Word, and Google Docs variations.

Monthly Employee Schedule Template

Monthly Employee Schedule Template

This schedule allows employers to manage employee shifts for an entire month. Here, you can record the dates and times of shifts, calculate total hours scheduled, and more.

Download here for free. Available in Excel, Google Sheets, PDF, Word, and Google Docs. 

Hourly Schedule Template

Hourly Schedule Template

Schedule employee’s by the hour with this hourly schedule template. Customize the time section to match your businesses operating hours and assign tasks for specific time periods. 

Here, you can easily download and customize a digital version, or print and hand out to staff. Choose from Excel, Google Sheets, PDF, Word, and Google Docs variations.

24 Hour Schedule Template

24 Hour Schedule Template

For businesses that operate all hours of the day, 24 hour schedule templates can be a great help for managing employee shifts. Here, you can assign specific shifts or tasks, and record the total number of hours scheduled for each day.

Download, customize, and print for free! Available in Word, PDF, Google Docs, Excel, and Google Sheets.

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What are the benefits of using an employee schedule template?

Employee schedule templates are a great free tool for businesses. Some of the main benefits of using an employee schedule template include:

They are easy to access: There are many free schedule templates available online. If one template doesn’t fit your company’s needs, finding an alternative template is usually quick and easy. 

They are customizable: Word, Excel, Google Doc, and Google Sheet templates are very easy to customize. With free downloadable templates, anyone can add additional rows and columns to include additional scheduling information to the template. 

They are easy to use: Much like the ones we’ve provided in this article, employee schedule templates are usually simple-to-fill-in. With formulas in Excel and Google Sheets that automatically calculate totals, all that’s left to do is fill in the schedule in the spaces provided. 

While employee schedule templates come with many benefits, they also have a few downsides. For example, templates still require managers to do most of the work related to figuring out which employees should be assigned to certain shifts. Another downside of using templates is that they can become disorganized, especially when employees are absent or request shift changes. 

For an easier way to manage employee schedules, job scheduling apps are a great alternative. Apps like Workyard help managers schedule jobs in just minutes, allowing them to see an overview of employee availability, skill sets, and more. Additionally, job scheduling apps let employees access their work schedules at any time through their mobile device. This can help improve attendance and accountability.

What are the different types of employee schedule templates?

Depending on the industry a business is in, how many staff they employ, and how often they create schedules, different types of templates may be used. Some of the most common types of employee schedule templates include daily, hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

Businesses such as restaurants or retail stores who operate on a weekly schedule may choose to use a weekly schedule template. Manufacturing businesses with large teams, on the other hand, may use monthly schedule templates to provide more notice to staff. 

Construction, home services, and property maintenance businesses are likely to benefit from hourly or daily schedules, as they allow more flexibility with assigning certain hours to certain projects. These businesses can also benefit the most from job scheduling apps, as they allow for on-the-go schedule changes, live progress updates, notes, and more.

How do I customize an employee schedule template to fit my business needs?

Minor customizations are often required when using employee schedule templates. Depending on the template used, customizations will be different. To get started with customizing your template, you must first download your preferred version, whether it’s Word, Google Docs, Excel, or Google Sheets.

When customizing a Word or Google Docs template, you can add or remove fields based on your scheduling needs. This can include removing certain total columns, adding fields to incorporate more specific employee information such as their hourly pay rate, inserting your company logo, and more.

For customizations to Excel and Google Sheet templates, you can also add or remove columns and rows. Additionally, you can add or remove formulas for calculating totals depending on what your business requires.

What information should be included in an employee schedule template?

When customizing employee schedule templates, it’s imperative that your schedule includes the right information. Doing so can help avoid confusion among employees, and help ensure schedules are followed. No matter which type of template is used, most employee schedules should include the following information: 

Employee information: For schedules with multiple employees, this is often just each employee’s name. For more detailed schedules, employee information may include names, job titles, hourly pay, employee ID numbers, and more. 

Dates & times: The dates an employee is required to be present at work, and the start and end times for each day.

Total hours scheduled: How many hours each employee has been scheduled to work over a period of time. This may include regular, overtime, and double time hours.

Job duties: The tasks or projects an employee shall focus on during the shift scheduled.

What are some best practices for using an employee schedule template effectively?

There are a few best practices you can follow when using employee schedule templates. First, make sure your schedule is clear and easy to understand so that there is no confusion around when an employee must be present at work. Secondly, clearly communicate what needs to be done during each shift so that employees can better meet expectations. Lastly, consider employees strengths and preferences for various shifts and the duties that will be carried out during them.

While following these best practices for employee scheduling with templates is possible, it can take hours to effectively organize and create effective schedules every period. This is especially true for managers of construction, home services, and property maintenance businesses, as there are many more scheduling elements to consider. If your business falls under this category, it’s worth looking into solutions such as job scheduling apps to enhance the scheduling process.

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