8 Best Task Tracker Tools & Apps In 2023

In this article, we'll list the 8 best task tracker tools and apps for your business in 2023. Quickly filter by key features to find the the right option for you.
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Task tracker tools and apps have become increasingly popular for individuals and teams looking for ways to stay organized and productive.

As a small business owner, you might be looking for a task tracker tool to help you organize and monitor work more effectively. But with so many alternatives available on the market, it might be challenging to select the best one for your business. 

In this post, we’ll present you with the eight best task tracker tools and apps for small business owners in a variety of sectors in 2023. These options will help you stay organized, focused, and on top of your tasks and projects, regardless of whether you own a retail business, restaurant, or startup. 

Best Task Tracker Tools & Apps


Best task tracker app for construction & specialty contractors


52 reviews


83 reviews

Workyard offers the best task management software for construction and specialty contractors. It provides contractors and field service providers with customizable scheduling, calendar views, and job checklists, making task management simple.  

Workyard provides real-time visibility into employee locations and what they are working on, allowing you to plan properly and minimize project overruns. The software includes GPS tracking, which offers real-time location information and automatically tracks time for each person on the job site. This feature also allows you to set up automated reminders for your staff to clock in as soon as they arrive on the job site, ensuring payroll accuracy and compliance. 

Workyard also enables you to manage your team quickly and efficiently, as well as communicate  exactly what needs to be done via task checklists, photos, notes, and more. As a result, you will decrease the number of man-hours lost seeking information by providing your team with everything they need right on their mobile phones.

Workyard’s calendar-based organizer is one of its main features, making it simple for you to schedule the correct person at the right time. Easily create daily or weekly schedules by employee and/or job type, and explain exactly what needs to be done through comments, checklists, and attachments that your employees can access from the field.

Workyard also integrates with major payroll and accounting systems, making payroll processing seamless and saving you hundreds of dollars each month. Furthermore, the app enables on-demand access to labor costs per project, allowing you to forecast accurately and make on-the-fly project modifications.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Time Tracking – $6 mo/user
  • Workforce Management – $13 mo/user
  • Large Workforces – Custom

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Best free task tracker app


12 reviews

TaskTracker is a free, easy-to-use project management software that streamlines team management and boosts productivity. 

It provides an efficient task management system that allows users to split jobs into measurable matrices, creating a responsible, efficient, and productive workplace. TaskTracker has an attendance system that allows for variable working hours and precise reporting, making payroll calculations simple. The software also offers real-time attendance data, making it easy for managers and HR to assess whether or not an employee is there. 

Users can use TaskTracker to assign tasks, attendance, and customer data, as well as combine the app with other popular applications such as Google Calendar and WhatsApp. The software is available in eight languages, making it accessible to a variety of blue-collar employees across the country. To maintain the safety and security of data, TaskTracker employs password encryption techniques as well as data privacy and security measures such as firewall protection, automatic backup, data erasure, and website security testing tools.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Free – For up to 50 users
  • Task Tracker SUITE – $50/user/month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing



Best daily task tracker


19K reviews


22K reviews

Monday.com is a work operating system (Work OS) and a task tracker tool meant to assist teams in streamlining workflows, increasing productivity, and meeting business objectives. 

The software provides a customized and adaptable approach to job management, allowing customers to modify processes to their individual requirements. Monday.com strives to increase team alignment, efficiency, and productivity by centralizing all tools, activities, and files in one place. To keep users up to date, the platform integrates with popular tools such as Gmail, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Dropbox, as well as providing custom automation and notifications. Monday.com also provides a variety of customized products to satisfy the demands of various teams, such as work management, marketing, sales CRM, and projects.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Free – For up to 2 seats
  • Basic – $8 per seat per month
  • Standard – $10 per seat per month
  • Pro – $16 per seat per month
  • Enterprise – Custom



Best task tracker for any industry


1.5K reviews


1.5K reviews

Clockify is a free task-tracking tool that enables users to track their team’s work hours and activities over the course of the week. 

Clockify, which is used by over 260,000 businesses to track time, provides a simple way to keep a complete record of what your team is working on and where they spend their time. Clockify is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux, making it easily accessible to all users. It allows you to create new tasks and enter them into timesheets, providing you with a clear view of what your team is doing and what needs to be improved at any given time. 

You can also forecast project performance by inputting time and budget estimations, generating forecasts based on tracked team activity and planned activities, and making modifications. Clockify also includes a dashboard that displays the tasks you spend the most time on as well as what your team is working on, making it easy to assess your team’s productivity.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Basic – $3.99 per user/month
  • Standard – $5.49 per user/month
  • Pro – $7.99 per user/month
  • Enterprise – $11.99 per user/month



Best all-in-one task tracker


9 reviews


23 reviews

ProjectManager is a web-based task management solution built for modern teams that allows them to communicate, plan projects, and manage resources with powerful features.

This app provides flexible solutions for connecting and collaborating on many sorts of projects, such as waterfall projects, agile projects, and anything in between. With real-time budget and resource tracking, ProjectManager customers can gain deep insights into the development and profitability of their projects, as well as change timetables and task distribution to swiftly pivot and accomplish goals. This tool provides five distinct dynamic views, including a Gantt chart, spreadsheet, calendar, and basic task list.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Team – $13 per user/month
  • Business – $24 per user/month
  • Enterprise – Custom



Best Excel task tracker


452 reviews


2M reviews

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive task management app that allows users to manage their tasks across many apps and devices. 

Users of Microsoft 365 can access and change their tasks from any app, no matter where they are. The platform includes task management tools such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, To Do, Planner, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that can be used to manage tasks individually or collectively as a team. Microsoft 365 also has intelligent functions for acquiring, prioritizing, and completing tasks, helping users to remain focused and productive. Users can also generate tasks from flagged emails in Outlook, receive email notifications when a task is assigned to them, and sync their Planner assignments to the dedicated “Assigned to you” list in To Do.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic – $6 user/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard – $12.50 user/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium – $22 user/month



Best task tracker software with Gantt charts


47 reviews


109 reviews

TeamGantt is an online Gantt chart tool that offers project scheduling and task management software that is simple to use. 

Users can construct Gantt charts online and move between Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and calendar views. The software supports drag-and-drop scheduling for faster Gantt chart development without the need for training. TeamGantt provides a single hub for keeping all tasks, documents, and chats in one location, allowing remote teams to stay in sync and productive. 

The tool also has built-in workload management software that allows users to assess team availability before scheduling and allocating project activities. Furthermore, the Gantt chart generator allows users to specify task dependencies, milestones, and baselines to better manage deadlines and deliverables. Users can connect with their team using in-app collaboration tools, and PDF and Excel exporting is available for proposals. TeamGantt integrates with Trello, Basecamp 2, Slack, Dropbox, Zapier, and other applications.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Lite – $19/mo. per manager
  • Pro – $49/mo. per manager
  • Enterprise – $99/mo. per manager



The best cost-effective task tracker tool


6 reviews


62 reviews

actiTIME is a versatile and flexible time-tracking and task-management tool that enables businesses to track employee productivity and bill clients appropriately.

The time tracking feature allows team members to record their working hours across many platforms, including online, mobile, and browser extensions. This data can then be used to create reports and analytics that provide useful insights into team performance and project progress, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions. actiTIME also provides features for managing tasks to assist teams in better managing their workload and time off. Furthermore, actiTIME’s flexibility enables businesses to personalize the software to their unique needs, and integrations with popular applications such as Zapier and QuickBooks make it simple to integrate into existing workflows.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • 1-3 users – Free
  • 1-40 users – $6 user/mo
  • 41-200 users – $5 user/mo
  • 200+ users – Fixed price

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