The 9 Best Construction Accounting Software Solutions for 2024

Looking for construction accounting software for your business? We’ve reviewed 9 of the best apps on the market to help you!

What’s the best accounting software for construction?

There are several popular and highly-rated accounting software solutions for construction. These include:

  • QuickBooks – offers several software solutions including QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks is an established accounting brand partnering with many construction firms. 
  • Sage – offers AI tools for accounting and auditing. Sage is another well-known brand in accounting software alongside QuickBooks. 
  • FreshBooks – offers affordable accounting solutions for small businesses and freelance agencies. 

Xero – offers integration with more than 1,000 apps to offer customizable accounting solutions to construction businesses.

What should I look for in construction accounting software?

Construction accounting software should include the following features:

  • Job costing – income and expenses should be tracked and reflected to provide an accurate picture of job profitability. 
  • Billing and invoicing – construction billing methods like change orders, retainage, progress billing and invoicing should be included to improve cash flow. 
  • Payroll management – hours worked along with breaks and overtime should be adequately tracked and compensated to keep in compliance with labor laws. 
  • Integration – the best solutions should be designed to easily integrate with company systems and other software to avoid double entry and errors. 

Reporting and Analytics – reports should be customizable, granular, and quickly generated to help project owners and managers make data-driven decisions.

What’s the best construction accounting software for small businesses?

The best construction accounting software for a small business needs to offer core accounting solutions without breaking the bank. 

Here are some popular choices for construction accounting software for small businesses:

  • QuickBooks Online – starts at $30 per month per user
  • FreshBooks – starts at $9.50 per month per user
  • Xero –  starts at $15 per month per user
What’s the easiest construction accounting software for small businesses?

These construction accounting software have been praised for their user-friendliness:

  • Jonas Construction Software
  • FreshBooks
  • Xero
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