The 7 Best Employee Timesheet Apps for 2024

Looking for an employee timesheet app for your construction business? We’ve reviewed 7 of the best apps on the market to help you!

What is the best free timesheet app?

The best free timesheet app offers the widest range of features with no hidden cost. 

The features you need to look for depend on what you will use the timesheet app for. If it’s for a construction business, the app must have at least the following basic features: unlimited users, a user-friendly interface, an intuitive time tracker, automated timesheets, and detailed analytics and reporting. 

Some of the popular timesheet apps on the market have forever-free versions or offer a free trial of their premium features within a limited time. 

If you’re looking for a reliable timesheet app with no strings attached, you can also try the one offered by the U.S. Department of Labor. The free DOL timesheet app, available on both iOS and Android, can track regular work hours, break time, and overtime hours. It also calculates pay automatically and is available in English and Spanish.   

What are some essential features of the best employee timesheet apps?

To get the most out of an employee timesheet app, it must have the following features: 

  • Automated time tracking: The app must have a time tracker allowing employees to clock in and out. For field workers, time trackers that automatically clock in/out once they enter or leave the job site are preferred so their hours will be recorded even if they forget to use the app
  • Intuitive user interface: The app must have a simple design and few buttons to click so even old-timers who aren’t tech-savvy can easily use it
  • Payroll-ready timesheets: The app must have easy-to-use timesheets that allow managers to view and analyze their team’s productivity at a glance. The ideal timesheets should be ready for payroll processing. They must also come with bulk editing or copying features for faster task management
  • Detailed analytics and reporting: The app must have built-in reporting and analytics features to help owners convert the timesheets into visual data that will help with key business decisions
What are some of the best timesheet apps for small businesses?

The best timesheet apps for small businesses provide critical features to help owners and managers track project costs, team productivity, and overall profitability. 

If you own or manage a construction business, Workyard checks all the boxes. It has user-friendly features specifically designed for the construction and property management industries. 

What issues might prevent a construction company’s workers from adopting a new timesheet app?

Construction workers, especially those who are used to filling out paper timesheets or punching cards, may not welcome the idea of using a timesheet app for the following reasons:

  • Lack of familiarity with technology: Older workers who are not as tech-savvy as the younger ones may find using the timesheet app a little overwhelming. Choosing a timesheet app with user-friendly features is important so workers can start using it right away. The company must also implement proper training and onboarding sessions to ensure successful adoption.
  • Privacy concerns: Most field workers are used to having an “honor-based” timesheet system, so an app that tracks their location and hours may seem too intrusive. It’s important to inform the workers of the reason behind the transition and assure them that they are only tracked whenever they’re clocked in and never during non-working hours. 
  • Poor internet connectivity: Construction workers may be concerned that the timesheet app may not work in remote locations with poor internet connections. Therefore, having a timesheet app that still works offline and syncs data once the connection is restored is non-negotiable. 
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