The 8 Best Construction Equipment GPS Trackers In 2023

In this article, we list the 8 best construction equipment GPS trackers in 2023 and help you find the best solutions to track both light and heavy equipment in the field.
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Construction equipment GPS trackers are a valuable tool you can use to optimize your business operations and improve the efficiency of your equipment use. The GPS trackers for construction equipment are easily installed and use a series of satellites to pinpoint the exact location of your pricey machinery, but also allow you to track the usage of the equipment and potential misuse to save your assets. 

Construction businesses are always growing, and the demand for modern and mobile solutions is following these growth trends. So, today we have many cloud-based and mobile solutions on the market that can help you track your heavy or light equipment, get real-time locations and assess the usage of every machinery on the field. Additionally, there are geofencing methods to prevent theft and optional features to protect your assets even more.

But, with so many construction equipment GPS trackers available you might be wondering what’s the right choice for your business. Today, we cover a list of the 8 best GPS trackers for assets and equipment.

The 8 Best Construction Equipment GPS Trackers


All-in-one employee and vehicle tracking app


42 reviews


70 reviews

Workyard GPS tracking solution is a great fit for small and medium contractors that are looking for an easy way to track light vehicles and employees , with the added benefits of built-in time tracking and scheduling.

The Workyard app uses the GPS chip available on all smart mobile devices your employees use and relies on precise technology for real-time location updates, geofencing, and exact locations of your employees, and the vehicle they are driving through out the day. The GPS technology will allow you to track every arrival and departure to the job site, track mileage and travel time, and enable you to create detailed reports of where the time and miles are being spent. The GPS-powered tracker also includes a built-in time tracker that will let your employees clock and in and out,  and generate automatic timesheets. In case your employees forget to start the time clock they will get a reminder as soon as they reach the geofenced job site.

The Workyard GPS tracking software includes an easy-to-use scheduler where you can create tasks from the office, share them with your employees on the field and add notes, checklists, and attachments for more details and improved communication. Everything is safely stored and kept on the centralized platform you and your employees can easily access on any smart device or computer. This ensures you are not only tracking the exact locations with the robust GPS system but also tracking every project, task, and employee within the same app.

As an added bonus, you can access the job costing feature that allows you to attribute employee time and travel time to a specific job and further break down costs with cost codes. The detailed and automated timesheets created and accounting integrations will make the payroll process a breeze.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Free trial 
  • Time Tracking – $8 per month/user + $50 Company Base Fee
  • Workforce Management – $16 per month/user + $50 Company Base Fee
  • Large Workforces – Custom



Easy and affordable construction equipment tracking


93 reviews


298 reviews

Linxup offers various and affordable solutions to track your equipment and assets in construction with an accurate GPS.

Linxup is great for construction equipment GPS tracking that’s available in real-time and on any smart device. The Linxup system enables you to use many satellites to track and monitor your bulldozers, cranes, mixers, or any other equipment or asset on the field. The GPS tracking devices are durable, with solar-powered options and weather-proof casings to ensure the signal is always transmitting in set intervals. By using one of the GPS devices in the vehicles and equipment and the Linxup platform you can monitor the location, usage, and movement and even get alerts with geo-fencing that’s operational in remote and urban areas.

In addition to keeping your equipment safe and properly used, the Linxup GPS tracking can send you maintenance schedules and reminders to prevent costly repairs, and specialized trouble code alerts when the issue on the field is severe and needs your urgent attention.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Plans start at $15 per month



Wi-Fi-based GPS tracking systems


51 reviews


63 reviews

TrakkitGPS asset tracking software includes GPS tracking devices that are easy to install and rely on Wi-Fi global network and satellites for precise location tracking.

With the TrakkitGPS solutions, you can track valuable equipment and vehicles in your construction company and rely on the Wi-Fi standard for constant updates and real-time locations. In addition, the TrakkitGPS system provides you with devices and additional equipment that takes only a few minutes to install and it’s backed up by a strong and long-lasting battery. With security features that include motion detection and geo-fencing alerts you can be notified via an app, email, or SMS alert if the equipment location changes. Additionally, there is a new first alert added to notify you if the vehicle or equipment is seen for the first time in the set amount of hours.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Customizable solutions start at $199.95 for fleet tracking


Verizon Connect

Fleet and asset tracking for construction and heavy equipment


24 reviews


1K reviews

Verizon Connect is an all-in-one solution for heavy equipment, vehicles, and driver tracking. With Verizon Connect you will know the exact locations of every vehicle in your fleet but also increase uptime, improve asset security and create better driving patterns for your drivers.

With Verizon Connect’s heavy equipment tracking devices, you will keep track of idle and underutilized equipment and see what’s really happening on the field. The tracking system will allow you to locate any equipment on the map, find any asset and relocate it as needed, and track even non-powered assets. With improved visibility, you can generate accurate reports, avoid equipment rentals and bid on jobs more accurately. In addition, the GPS asset tracking includes smart geo-fencing options that will help you set boundaries around the construction site and add operating hours. This way any misuse and inconsistencies with equipment use will be automatically reported with alerts and notifications.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Upon request



Heavy equipment GPS tracking


8 reviews


107 reviews

GPS Trackit heavy equipment and asset tracking system offers safe and reliable GPS tracking devices and software solutions that will keep your equipment in the right locations and in optimal condition.

With the GPS Trackit centralized platform, you can have the real-time locations of your construction equipment and assets on command 365 days a year. This will give you a piece of mind about the safety and usage of expensive equipment but also provide you with data for detailed reports, employee arrivals, departures, and monitor engine hours. The GPS Trackit solutions also offer precise and customizable geofencing that can report any equipment misuse and even track billable hours for easier payroll processing.

GPS Trackit monitors the equipment and reminds you about the scheduled maintenance extending the lifespan of equipment by up to 35%. Maintenance reports generated also allow you to see which vehicles and equipment are breaking down more so you can create a budget for needed repairs and replacements.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Custom solutions with a fleet advisor



Easy-to-use asset and construction equipment tracking


1 review


8 reviews

Wirelesslinks construction equipment tracking relies on three different devices for precise GPS tracking and a centralized, cloud-based platform to easily track and monitor any number of construction equipment, vehicles, and assets.

Wirelesslinks offers three GPS devices that include Solar Piccolo ATX2S IOT, Piccolo Hybrid IOT and Solar Powered RFID Tags that will help you track your assets and construction equipment with ease. A variety of devices and a well-built platform offer customizable solutions for different businesses and equipment, so you can be sure there is a perfect fit for your fleet, assets, and budget. Heavy equipment tracking for generators, excavator buckets, boom towers, and more enables you to see and track the exact locations of expensive equipment, and with geo-fencing enabled you can be sure everything is secured and protected from misuse and theft. Wirelesslinks GPS tracking includes mileage and hours tracking that can help you record idle times and react appropriately. In addition, preventative maintenance alerts are included to ensure your construction equipment is in ideal condition and you are preventing costly breakdowns.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Custom prices on request



Accurate & rugged tracking solutions


2 reviews


CloudHawk provides a GPS tracking technology that will help you track heavy equipment and valuable assets on the construction site even in rural areas with low coverage.

The CloudHawk solutions begin with durable and rugged GPS devices that are easy to install and last for a very long time even with batteries. The GPS trackers send locations to the web-based platform and mobile apps so you can track the exact location of your equipment 24/7. The rugged GPS devices are able to track powered and unpowered assets and use flexible eco-modes and off-season mode to send only the necessary data, saving you time and the battery life of the device.

Apart from accurate GPS, you can count on one of the best customer services in the business and additional IoT sensors if you need them. The sensors are easily added to the existing CloudHawk system and can include door status, temperature, humidity, and more variables. All the data collected is stored on a cloud-based solution and available on iOS and Android devices.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Quote request required


Reliable asset tracking and management


14 reviews


17 reviews

EquipmentShare uses new and improved GPS technology to track your assets and equipment in real-time, share locations and help you find your vehicles and equipment if anything is stolen.

One of the features that sets EquipmentShare from its competitors is the ability to track mixed fleets on multiple sites. This means you can use the GPS to track your assets and equipment but also track rentals on the same dashboard and on the map in real time. The tracking system will record all the trips and movements enabling you to see the historical records, unauthorized use, and even help if the equipment is stolen.

To save you even more time and money you can locate the down machines in a couple of clicks and get your fleet up and running faster.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Demo
  • Custom pricing

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