8 Best Dispatch Software Solutions In 2023

In this article, we list the 8 best dispatch software solutions to help your business achieve dependable and fast service.
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Dispatch software is an essential tool for companies that depend on effectively scheduling and managing their mobile workforce. 

With the growing need for faster and more dependable service, small business owners from a wide range of industries are looking for dispatch software to help simplify their operations and enhance customer satisfaction. From field service management to transport and logistics, the right dispatch software can impact a company’s success. 

In this post, we’ll look at the 8 best dispatch software options on the market in 2023 to assist small business owners select the best match for their specific needs.

Best Dispatch Software Solutions


Best alternative to traditional dispatch software


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Workyard is an excellent field service management software, helping in the creation of accurate timesheets through the use of the industry’s most precise GPS tracking. The GPS time clock software records accurate GPS locations, arrival, and departure information to provide you with complete visibility into the whereabouts of your employees. 

This high-accuracy GPS time clock software employs GPS to show you when each team member arrives and departs from each job site, as well as automatically recording driving routes, travel time, and miles. As a result, you can reduce overreported hours and save thousands of dollars on payroll with more precise time and location tracking, which is especially critical for the construction and service industries with teams operating on many job sites.

Furthermore, Workyard’s construction time tracking software makes work pricing easier by offering real-time labor cost reporting by job and cost code, which is updated whenever a time card is submitted. This allows you to manage labor expenses for each task in real time and eliminates the need to wrestle with spreadsheets to track time for each job.

Workyard also simplifies payroll by allowing you to view, modify, and approve employee hours in one spot. With Workyard’s payroll integrations to prominent software providers like QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Gusto, ADP, Sage, Foundation, and many more, payroll processing becomes a one-click procedure.

Employees can simply log in or allocate hours to a project with a few clicks on their mobile device using Workyard’s app. With easy smartphone notifications and alerts, the app also helps staff remember when to clock in and out. Workyard’s construction time tracking tool also identifies vehicle driving trips and records distance and travel time, allowing you to compare actual GPS location data to staff timesheets to ensure accurate payments every time.

Overall, Workyard includes everything you need to monitor personnel whereabouts, driving trips, and miles, as well as easy yet robust office-to-field scheduling designed exclusively for contractors. It’s a great option for construction, home services, and property maintenance companies of all sizes wanting to boost efficiency and profitability while streamlining their payroll and project costing.

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  • Time Tracking – $6 per user/month
  • Workforce Management – $13 per user/month
  • Large Workforces – Custom

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Field Edge

Best field management and dispatch software


251 reviews


206 reviews

FieldEdge is a field management and dispatching software for contractors that provides a variety of tools to manage and streamline field service operations.  

It offers one, efficient system that links every aspect of field service businesses, making it available from anywhere and continually updated. Its primary features include scheduling and dispatching, performance dashboards, customer administration, QuickBooks integration, service agreements, pricing presentation, quotations and invoicing, and mobile CRM. The scheduling and dispatching feature includes a smart dispatch board for managing work orders, assigning technicians based on their skill sets and availability, and reducing trip time with map-based scheduling. Dashboards provide an overview of business performance, such as actual vs potential sales, upcoming and expiring service agreements, average ticket value, and job profitability. In addition, the software works with QuickBooks to automate accounting and inventory management. FieldEdge’s overall goal is to enhance efficiency and recurring income for contractors by providing simple solutions for managing field service operations.

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Best transportation dispatch software


800 reviews


1.2K reviews

LoadOps is a transportation dispatch program that enables carriers to manage their fleet, drivers, and logistics from a single platform. To provide an effective and streamlined interface, LoadOps interacts with the DAT load board, QuickBooks accounting, and other TMS platforms. 

The software includes automated features such as driver tracking, account and invoice management, and document organization. LoadOps also delivers profit analytics and market rates to assist carriers in making smart pricing and freight decisions. Unlike brokers, dispatchers oversee vehicles, invoicing, and pricing negotiations on behalf of the carrier. LoadOps relieves dispatchers of their responsibilities and lets them focus on managing their carrier fleets. The software is intended to streamline the load lifecycle, from confirmation through dispatch, as well as document collection, billing, and driver payment settlement. LoadOps is a user-friendly platform that can help carriers save time and money.

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Best field service dispatch software


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66 reviews

Smart Service is a field service dispatch software that enables any service business to book technicians more easily and efficiently. It removes the need for manual paperwork and digitizes everything, allowing for single-click scheduling, dispatch, equipment tracking, and work order changes, making it perfect for field service professionals.

Smart Service integrates with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Online to ease business operations by using current customer data. With Smart Service, technicians can use their mobile devices to update digital work orders in real-time, gather client signatures, and close off work orders. Smart Service increases profits for field service companies by minimizing the time spent on the work process from the time a client request is received to the time the customer pays their final payment.  

Smart Service also provides a mobile app, which removes the need for notepads and enables technicians to download and read up-to-date schedules, add and receive updates to work orders, collect money, and send everything back to the office. Smart Service is a full-featured field service industry dispatch software that incorporates customer administration, technician tracking, equipment information and tracking, digital forms, time tracking, billing, and invoicing.

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HCSS Dispatcher

Best construction dispatch software


52 reviews

HCSS Dispatcher is a construction dispatch scheduling software that replaces your magnet board with an electronic scheduler and locator. 

The software helps you to manage all of your company’s resources in one simple system, allowing your dispatcher to track equipment, crews, tools, and rentals. You can reduce downtime, wasteful equipment rentals, and delays by empowering your dispatchers to manage and track labor, equipment, crews, tools, inventories, material orders, and more with HCSS Dispatcher. The software includes comprehensive reporting and notification systems that keep everyone in the business informed of what is going on at each project site. By automating routine tasks and assisting you in staying on track and maximizing production, HCSS Dispatcher enhances scheduling and dispatching efficiency. HCSS Dispatcher is a dependable and effective solution for construction dispatch scheduling needs, offering outstanding 24/7 instant support.

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