7 Best Employee Management Software Solutions In 2023

In this article, we list the 7 best employee management software solutions to help you onboard and manage your employees with ease.

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Employee management software is a must-have for any company trying to streamline its HR operations and boost efficiency. 

In the modern-day digital age, there are numerous software options that can help small business owners properly onboard and manage their employees. But, finding the best employee management software might be difficult with so many alternatives on the market. 

That is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 employee management software solutions for 2023 to help small business owners make informed decisions and select the software that best suits their needs. These software solutions are designed to streamline your HR operations and ensure you get the most out of your employees, whether you work in retail, hospitality, or any other industry.

Best Employee Management Software Solutions


Best employee management software for the construction industry


56 reviews


85 reviews

Workyard is specialized employee management software for the construction sector. It is a complete system that brings employees and projects together in one location to simplify construction management. Job scheduling, time tracking, job costing, and GPS location and mileage tracking are among Workyard’s primary features.

Workyard’s job scheduling app helps construction businesses in organizing projects and communicate what needs to be done by their employees on the job site. It enables users to schedule the right workers at the right time, as well as organize daily or weekly calendars by employee and/or job type. The scheduling tool also enables users to express precisely what needs to be done using notes, checklists, and photos that employees can access from their mobile devices.

Workyard also has accurate time tracking capabilities that use GPS technology and geofencing to track when employees arrive and leave work sites. This function allows for more precise time tracking, allowing for better control of payroll expenditures.

Workyard also has job costing features, which allow businesses to gather the data they need to manage more lucrative projects. Workyard gives on-demand access to labor expenses per project, allowing businesses to enhance customer pricing and make on-the-fly project changes.

Workyard’s employee management software is also intended to help businesses save time and eliminate the need for manual data entry. It reduces the time it takes to convert labor hours into paychecks by providing users with a single location to conveniently review, update, and approve employee hours. The program also integrates with well-known accounting and payroll software providers like QuickBooks, Gusto, and ADP.

Overall, Workyard is a full-featured employee management software that gives construction businesses the tools they need to efficiently and successfully manage their employees. Its features such as job scheduling, time monitoring, job pricing, and GPS location and mileage tracking assist businesses in streamlining their operations and boosting profits.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Time Tracking – $6/mo per user
  • Workforce Management – $13/mo per user
  • Large Workforces – Custom Pricing

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Best cloud-based employee management software


166 reviews


3.7K reviews

Zoho People is a cloud-based employee management software that aims to improve employee satisfaction and automate HR processes. 

The software provides a variety of features to manage essential HR duties, such as maintaining an employee database, effective employee case management, smart HR workflows, smart HR processes, and insightful analytics. Zoho People also makes time and attendance tracking easier, allowing businesses to focus on employee productivity while recording work hours precisely and delivering error-free reports. 

A performance management module is included in the software, which gives insights into team and individual performance. With flexible goal setting, continuous reviews, performance assessments, 360-degree feedback, and analytics it’s easy to discover performance gaps. Moreover, Zoho People offers a solid learning and development framework that enables dynamic learning for every team through engaging content and virtual training.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Essential HR – $1,25 per user/month
  • Professional – $2 per user/month
  • Premium – $3 per user/month
  • Enterprise – $4,50 per user/month
  • People Plus – $9 per user/month



Best overall employee management software


2M reviews


437K reviews

ADP is a multinational corporation that offers an employee management solution, human resources (HR) tools, and payroll services to businesses of all sizes.  

Payroll processing, time and attendance tracking, talent management, benefits administration, HR outsourcing and PEO, and integrations are among the services that the company offers. ADP’s employee management software is modern and simple to use, offering everything a business needs in one location. ADP software is well-known for its user-friendly interface, automation features, and system integration. The platform also provides skilled service and support, with a team of qualified specialists on hand to answer any questions or problems clients may have. Overall, ADP is a reliable provider of workforce management software, with over 1 million clients globally.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Essential – Custom
  • Enhanced – Custom
  • Complete – Custom
  • HR Pro – Custom


Best data and employee management software


1.3K reviews


2.4K reviews

BambooHR is a cloud-based employee management system that provides a single database for storing and managing sensitive HR data. 

The employee database is the software’s main feature, where HR managers can record all employee-related information, including personal and financial information, as well as custom fields like office equipment allocations or favorite music genres. BambooHR eliminates the need for spreadsheets and paper files by allowing for quick data entry, and precise employee tracking from a single central place.

BambooHR’s self-service feature allows workers to access and modify their personal information while restricting their access to critical business data. This tool gives employees more control over their data while saving HR managers time and effort. Moreover, the software provides enterprise-level security to guarantee that all employee information is safeguarded and companies remain compliant. To provide a full HR administration solution, the software integrates with third-party applications like applicant tracking systems, payroll software, and time and attendance systems.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Essentials – Custom quote
  • Advantage – Custom quote



Best employee management software for frontline teams


2.5K reviews


4.9K reviews

Workforce.com is a cloud-based employee management system for frontline teams. It is a business operating system that helps business owners manage hourly workforces. 

The software streamlines personnel scheduling, reduces labor expenses, and assists managers in making educated decisions. Workforce.com features include improved scheduling, workforce visibility, payroll integrations, and HR engagement. Based on actual labor insights, smarter scheduling guarantees that the right person is scheduled at the right time. Workforce visibility provides custom BI reporting with real-time drill-down dashboards for KPI tracking. Additionally, employees can use their mobile phones to switch shifts, manage their calendars, and offer real-time feedback, enhancing overall employee engagement.

Key Features

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  • Business – Custom
  • Enterprise – Custom


Best all-in-one employee management app


581 reviews

Rippling is a cloud-based employee management platform that helps businesses of all sizes optimize their HR, IT, and financial processes. 

Users can use the software to handle payroll, benefits, time and attendance, talent acquisition, device and app management, and much more from a single platform. Rippling’s HR Cloud feature is designed to help businesses grow from two to over 2,000 employees. Businesses can manage their employees’ pay and benefits packages using the Payroll and Benefits feature, while the Time and Attendance (T&A) element provides time tracking and scheduling solutions. Users can manage their workers’ performance, track their goals and objectives, and offer comments using the Talent function. It’s a good solution for teams of all sizes and various industries, with all the tools you need to manage your employees in one place.

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