8 Best Property Management Software Solutions For Small Landlords In 2023

In this article, we list the 8 best property management software solutions for small landlords in 2023. Quickly filter by key features to find the right solution for you.
property management software for small landlords

Manage People & Properties With One App

Managing multiple rental properties as a small landlord can be time-consuming and challenging.

Fortunately, the process has become much more manageable with the introduction of property management software for small landlords. These software options can help you automate tasks such as rent collection, maintenance tracking, and tenant communication, to ultimately save you time and money. 

In this post, we’ll look at the top property management software solutions for small landlords in 2023 to help you select the best one for you and your business.

Best Property Management Software For Small Landlords


Best property management software alternative


62 reviews


90 reviews

Workyard is a great property management software alternative for small landlords who want to efficiently schedule maintenance work, track crew hours and locations, and run payroll all from the same app.

Workyard’s intuitive interface allows landlords to easily track their properties, create work orders, and communicate with the maintenance crew. The scheduling feature enables users to create detailed schedules, add photos, checklists, and notes, and assign tasks to the right technicians on the go. In addition, with precise GPS tracking, you will know the exact locations of your maintenance crews in real-time and can even set up geofences to detect exact arrival and departure times.

Furthermore, the Workyard app automatically tracks time and uses the same GPS to send reminders to your crew to clock in as soon as they reach the job site. Even when your team is on the go, the Workyard app will track and record mileage and travel time, making payroll processing a breeze.

In addition to precise maintenance crew tracking, Workyard also offers small landlords an easy way to manage their finances and accurately track expenses. The software integrates with all major payroll and accounting systems to make it easier for you to track and manage all financial aspects of property management.

Finally, the Workyard app is easy to use and doesn’t require additional training and expenses, making it a budget-friendly alternative for small landlords.

Key Features

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  • Time Tracking – $6 per month per user
  • Workforce Management – $13 per month per user
  • Large Workforces – Custom Solutions

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Best free property management software for small landlords

Avail is property management software that gives small landlords the tools they need to manage their rental properties efficiently. 

It provides landlords with a comprehensive collection of tools, assistance, and training content to help them become confident and competent landlords. 

The ability to market rental properties on leading rental listing sites, conduct tenant screening, and sign leases online is one of its key benefits. It enables landlords to request free credit history, criminal history, and eviction information from applicants. 

Landlords can use state-specific templates to create a lease relevant to their property’s location and can add or amend terms, restrictions, and attachments. Using the same software, they can file and document requests for maintenance for those properties. 

Avail also provides rental property accounting features, which automate the accounting process by posting rent payments and maintenance expenditures to the accounting dashboard.

Key Features

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  • Unlimited – Free
  • Unlimited Plus – $7 per unit



Best user-friendly property management software


46 reviews

DoorLoop is property management software for small landlords that aids in the management of  rental portfolios. 

The software saves landlords 15 hours a month by automating rent collection, accounting, and maintenance requests. Best of all, DoorLoop is designed to manage any type of property, including residential, commercial, student housing, mobile homes, affordable housing, community associations, and self-storage.

The software’s accounting features allow landlords to run custom reports, track their cash flow, and make data-driven decisions. The maintenance request portal helps landlords assign and track work orders and issue 1099 forms. Landlords can use DoorLoop to build a website and market their listings on platforms like Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads, plus screen tenants, collect applications, and sign lease agreements online.

Key Features

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  • Upon request



Best accounting and property management solution


4K reviews


371 reviews

Stessa is one of the best accounting and property management solutions created for small landlords that want to manage property finances and maximize their rental income. 

Stessa offers a variety of features such as smart money management, automated income and expense tracking, and personalized reporting to make the financial aspect of property management easier. 

The software includes 24/7 visibility into portfolio performance to provide landlords with an accurate overview of their financials. Additionally, with Stessa, landlords can collect rent automatically, send reminders to tenants when rent is due, and provide real-time updates once the rent is paid. 

Stessa’s user-friendly app only takes a few minutes to set up and can be downloaded for free, making it great property management software for small landlords with few properties.

Key Features

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  • Essentials – Free
  • Pro – $20 per month



Best automated property management software


27 reviews

TurboTenant is all-in-one property and tenant management software that can be very useful for small landlords who want to streamline the property management process.   

The software includes features that streamline every step of this process including rental advertising, online applications, tenant screening, lease agreements, rent payments, and management features. With TurboTenant, landlords can create a professional-looking listing and send it to multiple listing sites. Once the online application process starts, the landlords can use the built-in screening questions and reports, and even add customizable questions. Additionally, the TurboTenant lease agreement tool provides landlords with step-by-step instructions to ensure compliance with state laws.

Automated features such as rent collection, rent payments, and reminders make repetitive property management tasks easier and faster. And, with added messaging features, this property management solution also enables instant communication with tenants, ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout the entire property management process.

Key Features

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  • Free
  • Premium – $8.25/mo



Best overall property management software for small landlords


2.1K reviews


547 reviews

Buildium is a comprehensive system that offers one of the best property management solutions on the market. The software offers a way to easily approve lease applications, resolve maintenance issues and handle finances all within the same app. Additionally, the Buildium software enables landlord and tenant communication, multiple payment options, and even offers an online Resident Center. There are also features to handle accounting, maintenance, vendor management, and payment collection. All features aim to help the landlords and the tenants with repetitive tasks.

The Buildium property management software tools are designed to accommodate small landlords who are growing their portfolio and expanding their “door count” at their own pace. With the free, simple, and effective solutions that Buildium offers, landlords can easily manage their properties and increase their profits.

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