Top 10 Employee Time Tracking Apps for 2024

Looking for the best employee time tracking apps? In this article, we'll explore the top employee time-tracking apps for various industries and businesses, with features, reviews, and more.
implementing an employee time tracking app

Accurate Time Tracking Is So Much Easier With Workyard

Employee time tracking apps can be critical to, well – keeping your team on track. They help accurately track each worker’s time and can help uncover areas to improve efficiencies and profits. The best time tracking apps can also help you improve profits. They help do that by dialing in a number of things with your accounting, like payroll, expense tracking, and client invoices.

Of course, different employee time tracking apps can do different things for different businesses. The toolset you need might not work for a neighboring business, and on the other hand, all the great features in the world won’t amount to much if they don’t solve real problems your business faces.

Below, we’ll cover ten of the best employee time tracking apps, based on industry need, company size, and more. We’ll examine features, price tiers, unique advantages, and ideal businesses or industries for each.


Best employee time tracking app for construction & field services


91 reviews


115 reviews

Workyard is made specifically with the needs of construction firms in mind.

It starts with the unique time tracking needs of distributed project teams.

Next-gen GPS technology and construction time tracking help accurately track when and where each employee is. By recording actual site entry and exit times, Workyard gives owners the transparency they need to know their payroll is accurate.

Workyard is more than just time tracking.

By allowing employees to tag their hours to projects and costs codes, Workyard automatically generates job costs reports that you can view in real-time.

The benefit is getting the information you need to improve profitability through more accurate client invoices and better future bids.

Precise GPS Tracking

Workyard’s advanced GPS time clock app allows you to readily see when workers arrived and left the job site, how many miles they’ve traveled, their exact current location, as well as detailed travel time for previous driving trips.

You can also create highly targeted custom geofencing rules to automate clock-in and clock-out when sending your workers to disparate field locations.

Built-in Job Scheduling

Workyard’s job scheduling functionality allows you to easily create work schedules for your team and communicate exactly what needs to get done with notes, checklists, photos, and documents.

Easy to Use

The Workyard employee time clock app is ideal for busy construction workers since it is simple to use and includes GPS-based reminders to prompt employees to clock in and out. Employees will also be reminded to take obligatory breaks, ensuring that you, as the employer, remain in compliance with any applicable employment laws.

Complete installation takes only a few minutes — seconds for the employee mobile app — and all of your employees can access the app and clock in and out with a few clicks.

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Best all-in-one time tracking app for freelancers


276 reviews


95 reviews

Bonsai is a great choice for freelancers who charge hourly rates and need to create invoices. This app allows you to track working hours, then bill according to per-hour or per-project rates.

It also supports collaborators if you’re working as part of a freelance team.

Bonsai offers cross platform support, too, with iOS, Android, Mac and Chrome extension support.

All-in-one platform for freelancers

Bonsai is built to provide all-in-one functionality for independent freelancers or small teams they might manage.

This means time tracking is one of many features Bonsai offers, which include…


Bonsai could therefore be the Swiss Army knife for freelancers, independent consultants, and small creative agencies — capable of doing many things capably, but focused on addressing smaller and more immediate tasks over solving large-scale problems for larger businesses.

Forms for (almost) everyone

Bonsai’s emphasis on serving creative professionals opens up a wide field of opportunities, and their team has done an excellent job building out a form and template library for different use cases in different types of businesses. This benefit should streamline onboarding time for many freelancers, who might otherwise have to customize the minutiae in every contract and form to reflect their brand.

Banking built in

Perhaps unique among the solutions mentioned here is Bonsai’s dedicated financial features, which include its own branded business banking account (!) on top of bookkeeping, invoicing, and payroll-processing functionality. A solo freelancer could build nearly all their business inside Bonsai based on this availability.

However, from a pure time-tracking perspective, Bonsai might not be the best solution for managing teams of employees.

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Best free no-frills employee time tracking app


6 reviews

TopTracker comes from the TopTal platform, one of the top freelancing platforms out there. This is a tool that allows you to track time, screenshots showing activity, and webcam footage to prove that you’re staying on task.

Not only can you use information collected by TopTracker for client billing, but you can also create productivity reports. These reports allow you to track specific activities so that you can examine the way you work to see where improvements can be made.

Invoicing is handled through TopTracker directly, and its partnership with Payoneer allows it to process client payments in-app for freelancers as well.

While Bonsai and TopTracker are both oriented towards freelancers, TopTracker is decidedly not an all-in-one tool — it’s a free app with laser-focused functionality. If you simply need to track every minute you spend on a client project for accurate billing, TopTracker is an effective free option.

TopTracker does not have a dedicated mobile app, however. If you plan to track time while on the go, you may need another solution.

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Best employee time tracking app for creative teams or agencies


21 reviews


491 reviews

TrackingTime is another app serving creative-services businesses, but unlike Bonsai, it’s optimized for team-based tracking, with built-in compliance rules to help businesses stay on the right side of the labor laws.

It’s built around the needs of project managers looking to monitor a team’s workload.

There is a simple dashboard that gives you an overview of worked hours, plus all tasks currently in progress. It’s easy to assign tasks or communicate with team members within the software.

It offers great cross platform support with Chrome and Firefox extensions and syncing with native Android and iOS apps.

Additional features include the ability to monitor breaks, time off, overtime, and produce final timesheets.

Lots of integrations

One of TrackingTime’s big selling points is its ability to “add time tracking to the apps you use every day,” which extends time-tracking functionality into Microsoft products (365, Teams, Outlook, etc.), Slack, Google’s GSuite (Docs, Cal, Sheets, etc.), and a multitude of project-tracking apps like Trello, Asana, Jira, and the like.

Being able to track employee time while they’re working in one of the various other apps comprising your company’s tech stack could be a great benefit, as it might eliminate a lot of redundancies and manual re-entry issues.


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