Free 2023 Biweekly Payroll Calendar Template

The 2023 biweekly payroll calendar template helps you stay on top of your salary management. It’s available in printable and editable formats!
Biweekly Payroll Calendar Template

Download, Customize & Print 2023 Biweekly Payroll Calender

The 2023 biweekly payroll calendar template is all you need to manage your payroll schedule for the rest of the year. It has a total of 26 pay periods, each of which is for 14 days. 


2023 Biweekly Payroll Calendar

2023 Biweekly Payroll Calendar

Download our free 2023 biweekly payroll calendar which includes all 26 pay periods for 2023. Use this calendar to know exactly when you have to pay your employees. 

Our biweekly payroll calendar template for 2023 is available in Word, Excel, PDF, and Google formats.

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A biweekly payroll calendar is a pay schedule that lists all the pay periods in the current year. These pay periods occur every two weeks and are on Fridays. Using a biweekly payroll calendar means you will generally pay your employees two times each month.


The current year has 52 weeks, and the 2023 biweekly payroll calendar template lists the pay period for every two weeks. So, if you plan to implement a biweekly payroll schedule in 2023, you will have 26 pay periods.


A biweekly pay period generally means that you pay employees twice a month, some months may have three pay periods. This depends on when your first pay period for the current year was. If your first pay period was on January 6th, your three pay period months would be March and September. However, if your first pay period was on January 13th, June and December would be your three pay period months.


Each month has at least 28 days, and therefore all the months in the calendar year have four weeks each. Although all the months have more than 28 or 29 days, except for February, they do not count as a week because these extra days are less than 7.


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