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Time Card Template

Choose A Time Card Template

We’ve provided four practical versions of a time card, including a simple, daily, weekly, and bi-weekly version. Available in Google Docs, Word, Google Sheets, and Excel.

For recommendations on how you can get the most out of time tracking, make sure to check out the tips and tricks section below. 

Simple Time Card Template

Simple Time Card Template

Simple time cards are perfect for recording hours for smaller projects. Download and easily add or customize fields.

Daily Time Card Template

Daily Time Card Template

Daily time cards are a handy tool for employees who work on multiple projects/ tasks throughout any given workday. 

These include space to log how much time workers spent on individual projects/ tasks and space for recording regular and overtime hours, making payroll easy. Additionally, they contain space for additional items such as cost codes and comments.

Weekly Time Card Template

Weekly Time Card Template

Weekly time cards are often used to record the hours of permanent employees. They feature seven rows for each day of the week and standard time tracking fields.

By downloading this free template, you'll keep track of all of your workers weekly hours and activities. Choose your preferred format, whether it’s a Google Doc, Word Doc, Excel Sheet, or a Google Sheet.

Bi-Weekly Time Card Template

Bi-Weekly Time Card Template

Bi-weekly time cards are structurally the same as weekly ones. They include the same fields, with seven additional rows.

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What is a time card?

Time cards, often referred to as a “timesheets’’ are a management tool that employers and employees use to keep track of hours worked and project progress. Typically, these cards consist of a table where employees can log what time they started and finished work, as well as any other details necessary for the terms of their employment/ contract. 


What information should be collected in a time card template?

Some time card templates may include more details than others, depending on the company, project, or employee’s schedule. For the most basic time card templates, information that should be collected includes the working date, start time, end time, total hours, employee name, supervisor name, employee signature, and supervisor signature. 

Additional information may include: Standard pay rate, overtime rate, amount of time spent on individual tasks, cost codes for items or specific work, and more.


How do I calculate total employee hours worked using a time card template?

One downside of using a traditional time card template is that you must manually calculate each individual employee’s hours. If you have a large team, this can be a difficult process and take hours to complete. 

If you are planning to calculate your employees hours using one of the templates provided, we recommend using one of our Excel/  Google Sheets versions, as they are equipped with formulas in the “total” boxes to calculate the total hours worked by the employees hourly rate.


How do I customize a time card template to fit my company’s needs?

Customizing your time card template is a great way to incorporate your company’s branding. In the templates provided in this article, we’ve included space to add your company logo at the top of each page/ spreadsheet. If you wish to customize fields within the time card, you can do so by adding columns and rows with the information you wish to collect.

Are time card templates compliant with labor laws?

The Fair Labor Standards Act states that employers are required to keep a record of employee hours. Time card templates are meant to help logging employee hours for payroll, but can also be used as records if kept secure. Under the FLSA, there are several other labor laws that must be followed, such as breaks, overtime wages, etc. 

While time card templates may not be the best for ensuring you are complying with all labor laws, there are other solutions available. One being workforce management software. Through platforms that offer this, you can ensure employees take required breaks, are fairly compensated for overtime, and more.

How can I ensure accuracy and consistency with time card templates?

To ensure accuracy and consistency with time card templates, a good first step would be to choose a template that is flexible and contains all of the fields you need to keep track of. For example, if your team works on a weekly schedule, you can download our free weekly time card and distribute copies to your staff. 

At the end of each work week, have all employees return their time sheets and have a supervisor or manager sign them before passing them on to your payroll processor.

Are there any time card templates that integrate with payroll software?

Unfortunately, most traditional time card templates require you to manually provide information to your payroll processor. However, there are time tracking software solutions that integrate with payroll software. For example, Workyard lets you integrate with popular payroll processors like QuickBooks, ADP, Gusto, and more.

Can I automate the process of filling out a time card template?

Automating the process of filling out time card templates can be achieved by using time management apps. Unlike standard time card templates where employees fill in their hours, project descriptions, and cost codes by hand, time management apps simplify the process. On today’s leading time management apps, employees are able to clock in and out with the press of a button, select the project they are working on, and add additional items if necessary. This information is then immediately available to view by a manager or supervisor.


What are the benefits of time card templates?

One main benefit of time card templates is that they are easily accessible. There are many free templates available online, including the ones we’ve created and provided in this article. For businesses that are just getting started, these can be incredibly useful for keeping track of employees’ hours. 

Traditional time cards can also be custom made through platforms like Word and Excel. This is beneficial for companies who require specific information on their time sheets, or those who prefer to use their own branding throughout their documents. Lastly, time card templates are simple to use and provide a quick solution for those who prefer a basic method of recording hours.

Are there any drawbacks of time card templates?

Traditional time card templates often come with a few headaches. One example being difficulty keeping track of a large team’s hours. Because they must be filled out manually, managers may find themselves sorting through dozens of physical time cards, having to calculate regular and overtime pay by hand.

Traditional time cards can also be a pain to fill out for employees. Oftentimes, workers have to stop between tasks to manually write in information that could otherwise be collected automatically through time tracking software. In addition to being time consuming for both management and employees, physical time cards are prone to getting lost in piles of paperwork, leading to organizational issues and payment delays.

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