12 Best Roofing Apps In 2023

In this article, we list the 12 best roofing apps and help you choose the right one for your roofing business.
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Managing Your Roofing Business Is So Much Easier With Workyard

The roofing industry is continues to grow in the United States, and as the competition heats up, many businesses are leveraging roofing apps to help their businesses grow and also work smarter saving time and money.

Roofing contractors have a demanding task of endless calculations, team management, scheduling, and client communication to juggle. In recent years the demands of the growing market inspired developers and investors, and now we have plenty of roofing apps that can help you manage your company with ease.

But with so many roofing calculators and business apps on the market, you might wonder which is the best choice for your business. That’s why we have simple filtering and a list of the 12 best roofing apps that will help you make the best decision.


All-in-one GPS time tracking & job scheduling app

The Workyard app is the best choice for your roofing business if you want to easily schedule your jobs, easily dispatch your crew to the job site, track work hours for your whole crew, and keep all the communication centralized.

Workyard’s calendar scheduler is easy to navigate and change even while you are on the go. With simple drag-and-drop options and different labeling features, you can create detailed schedules for your employees and send instant notifications to people who are responsible for the roofing task at hand.

In the same schedule, you can add photos, notes, and checklists for better task explanation and tracking, and even keep all the communication in the same place. This way your employees can update each roofing project from the field and everything is automatically synced to the office. 

Workyard features top-notch GPS tracking that will send real-time locations of your employees in the field. The same GPS also includes precise geofencing that will remind your workers to clock in as soon as they reach the job site and the automatic time clock will track all the hours worked. This way everything is automatically stored on the same dashboard and it’s much easier to get a better overview of schedules, hours worked, mileage, and even overtime for individual employees or roofing projects.

Workyard seamlessly integrates with all leading accounting and payroll systems so that when it comes time to run payroll, you can do so in with a couple of clicks and no data entry required. 

Workyard’s leading GPS tracking also ensures that your payroll is accurate every time.

One of the best things about the Workyard app is its easy implementation and user-friendly interface that your employees can use without additional training. The app has all the features you actually need to run a successful roofing company and keep track of all the projects, tasks, and employees in one place. 

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Quick measurement & estimating roofing app

Roof Snap is a cloud-based roofing software that can help you get fast and accurate measurements for any roofing project you want.

Roof Snap software offers features that will allow you to enter the address and rely on aerial roof measuring for accurate and automatic calculations. You can edit and use the data to easily create estimates for any roofing jobs and with roofing contractors’ all-in-one solution create professional contracts, sign them, add material orders and so much more. The precise calculations and measurements will help you with the material orders and create better budgeting options so every project is more profitable.

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DIY roof measurement & estimating app

The iRoofing app was designed with the intention to help roofing contractors speed up the sales process and get the most accurate roof measurements possible with the added roof visualizer to impress clients and close more deals. 

With the iRoofing app, you can generate unlimited roof reports and create DIY measurements or rely on satellite footage, aerial, blueprint, or drone images for even more precise estimates. It’s easy to create and share the estimates with your clients, and impress them with the visual representation and finalized projections. Every estimate can be transformed into a professional contract your clients can sign on the spot. And with additional integrations, you can order materials right from the iRoofing app expediting the entire process and increasing the profitability of every project.

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All-in-one sales app for roofers

The Roofr app is a roofing sales software that can help you generate accurate reports and bid on more projects for increased profitability.

The Roofr app will allow you to measure roofs and create estimates right on the field within seconds and beat the competition with accurate and fast measurements. You can generate the reports from the software or draw them yourself with a drone, satellite, or blueprint footage. Once you are ready to make your pitch you can generate professional-looking proposals and share them with your clients or capture their signature right on the job site.

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Roofing business management app

Jobber is one of the most popular roofing apps on the market that offers estimating, invoicing, scheduling, and client communication in one place to get your roofing projects organized and profitable every step of the way. 

Jobber software begins with a customizable schedule where you can assign multiple employees to the same project and optimize the routes they need to take to cut back on mileage expenses. All team members are tracked with the GPS and the automated time clock will track the hours worked. This way you can generate, edit and approve timesheets on the same Jobber app.

In addition, the Jobber software will help you get more clients, take deposits to save project dates, and accept credit card payments right on the site. A client communication has automated features that will make you stand out and offer a unique experience for your customers, generate more leads, and even offer 24/7 customer service.

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All-in-one roofing software

Acculynx is one of the roofing apps that’s entirely focused on the roofing industry and provides a single system that will help you manage, schedule, and lead a successful roofing business. 

With the Acculynx roofing software, you are able to bring the entire business together on one platform. User-friendly interfaces allow you to create and manage schedules, track the sales process from the lead to contract signing, and have all the features needed for the successful field management of any roofing project. With added photos, estimates, and lead API you will have everything you need to create professional-looking documents for your clients and easily share them through the client portal. On the other hand, you will have a better overview of your employees, and the tasks they are working on and monitor the progress of each roofing project you have.

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Business management roofing app

Jobnimbus is an excellent roofing software that can help you automate and improve your roofing company management and save time with professional estimates, invoices, and reports.

The Jobnimbus app is available on desktops and on mobile devices so you can easily manage projects on the go and from the site. This feature can help you collect signatures, send emails and share information from your phone, while everything is synced to a centralized platform. In addition, you can create digital estimates faster with markup, labor, and material costs on the go and get more customers making your business more profitable. 

Jobnimbus is one of the best automated services that you can use to cut out repetitive tasks. You can create your own automation or use the built-in ones to help with endless options such as thank-you emails, custom notifications for larger payments, or automatic updates of job statuses.

And with a quick estimate to invoice conversion and integrations with QuickBooks and other roofing software you have everything you need on a single dashboard. Jobnimbus also has great visibility of your business finances with the roofing CRM that will help you earn more money and fix issues before they become expenses.

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Roofing Software CRM and App for Roofing Companies

Rooflink app was created by roofing experts for roofing contractors with the idea to enable faster scaling, reducing overhead, and organizing on autopilot. 

With the Rooflink cloud-based system you can easily create estimates and rely on updated pricing models for the most accurate calculations. Precise roof measurements are just a few clicks away and you can generate accurate reports to impress your clients and get more bids.

In addition, you can use the same app to centralize and manage all of your clients and even have an interactive map where you can drop pins wherever your employees have some roofing job going on. With all the data collected from the field and on your mobile phone, you can easily generate material and work orders and share them with your suppliers and employees. Rooflink will help you minimize the overhead costs with automated reporting and increase the profitability of every project.

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