Employee Attendance Trackers: Top Picks In 2023

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In this article, we review the top employee attendance tracker apps on the market that will help you easily manage your employees, track hours, and ensure your time attendance records are accurate.

Tracking Attendance Is So Much Easier With Workyard

    In this article, we review the top employee attendance tracker apps on the market that will help you easily manage your employees, track hours, and ensure your time attendance records are accurate.

    Employee attendance and time tracking are one of the most important aspects to monitor when you want to create and sustain a successful business, especially if your business relies on employees that are paid hourly. But, with so many options on the market, it’s sometimes a challenge to find the best app that will suit your needs.

    The good news is that in this article we cover the most important features to look for in an employee attendance tracker app and we’ve compiled a list  of top recommendations by industry.

    What to Look Out for When Picking An Employee Attendance Tracker

    Employee attendance trackers are very unique and useful apps you need to properly manage your teams and accurately track their hours worked. But, depending on the industry and the size of your team, along with several other factors you need to choose the app that will best serve your employees and help you easily manage time, budget, and payroll.

    With this idea in mind, here are a couple of features to look out for when choosing the right attendance tracker for your business:

    The app serves customers in your industry

    One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when choosing any app, attendance trackers included, is the industry they have been designed to serve. For example, tracking attendance  and hours for office workers requires a very different solution to tracking construction workers in the field.

    When selecting an employee attendance tracker for your company, make sure the provider has experience serving your industry. Customer testimonials on their website that are from businesses like yours are always a good signal to look for.

    GPS Tracking Built-In

    Depending on your business and the type of employees you might have on your team GPS tracking can be a valuable feature to have. If you have the need to monitor and track your workers on the field the attendance tracker should include a precise GPS tracking solution.

    This will help you monitor the employee’s location, track time, see who is clocking in and out on the site, and even cave precise mileage calculations. So, if you have for example a construction business to manage you should consider apps that have a GPS built in like the Workyard app.

    Ease of adoption

    In addition to the features mentioned above you need to consider your team, and how the attendance and the time-tracking app will be accepted. It’s important to have all the detailed reports, but the app needs to be user-friendly and easy to implement if you want it to be efficient.

    Try to  choose an app that doesn’t require additional training and will take only a few minutes to set up.

    Built-In Compliance

    Employee attendance trackers should make compliance easier by having overtime and break rules for your state built right into the product. Overtime and Double time if applicable should be automatically calculated for you. In addition, look for trackers that will remind workers to take breaks and help you ensure break compliance in your state. 

    Another key part of compliance is keeping an audit trail of all changes made on a time card. For example, the Workyard app keeps a log of every change made, at what time, and who made the change. In addition, key parties such as workers can be notified of the change with the reason provided automatically. This audit trail can be invaluable whenever there are disputes.

    Seamless Integration With Accounting and Payroll Software

    Ultimately you need the time data that you collect to be fed into your payroll project and also possibly your accounting system for job costing or invoicing purposes. Modern attendance trackers make this process seamless, by automatically syncing data to your payroll and accounting system.

    This will save you a lot of manual admin, reduce errors and at the end of the day save you thousands of dollars.

    Our Top Picks By Industry








    The Best Employee Attendance Trackers In 2022


    Best for construction & field services


    38 reviews


    67 reviews


    11 reviews

    Workyard offers the best and most complete employee attendance tracker  that is specifically designed  for construction, contractors, home services, and property maintenance companies. The Workyard employee attendance tracker app will help you capture accurate construction timesheets, precisely monitor and track employee locations, track labor costs at a job and cost code level, and easily integrate the data with accounting and payroll systems. The simple and clean design of the Workyard app will make it easier for all of your workers to adjust to the new system and use it regularly. 

    Workyard is the best option if you are looking for an employee attendance tracker in construction, home services, and property maintenance. This software is easy to use and has amazing features such as a precise GPS and time tracking that will help you manage your teams on the field. You can be sure that each employee is on time and on-site, as well as have the integrations you need for the payroll and accounting.

    Thousands of companies and businesses rely on Workyard precise time apps and GPS

    Reminders and notifications included helping your employees easily clock in and out when on location

    With payroll integrations, the calculations and paperwork are a breeze

    Precise GPS tracking

    One of the most important aspects of managing a construction company is to be aware of employees’ locations and track their attendance accurately given they are being paid hourly. Workyard’s  GPS Time Clock  ensures hours are accurately tracked for your whole crew by detecting exactly when your employees arrive on site, and leave the site, and even automatically tracking driving trips during work hours including mileage and travel time.

    Fully featured time tracking

    In addition to precise GPS, Workyard’s attendance tracker has many useful compliance features built-in. Overtime is automatically calculated based on the rules of your state. State-specific break rules are also built into the app so that in states such as California workers are reminded to clock in when necessary. 

    Workers can also tag their hours to jobs and the cost codes they are working on. Workyard provides a useful set of real-time job costing reports that allow you to see labor time and costs for each job and cost code.

    Workyard also makes it easy for supervisors to clock in their whole team with a couple of taps on their mobile app. This ‘bulk clock-in’ functionality supports environments where you want your supervisors’ recording time, but you want to minimize their data entry and make it easy for them to record time electronically.

    Job scheduling and tracking built-in

    Having everything in one app will help you manage your employees easily and create the most optimal schedules to save time and money. With Workyard’s job scheduling, functionality, you can easily  create daily and weekly plans, send your team their schedules, easily change things on the go, and communicate exactly what needs to be done by adding notes, documents, photos, and checklists.

    In addition to scheduling jobs, Workyard provides a rich set of job tracking features so you can track in real-time how much time, money, and the mileage you have incurred for each job and cost code. Cost codes are an optional extra, that allows you to break down your costs on a job into buckets for more granular tracking of your expenses.

    Easy adoption for workers

    As mentioned before when you are choosing the app that will best suit your needs you should think about the employees and how easy it will be for them to actually use the software. Workyard is designed to be easy to implement and use by busy construction workers being very intuitive so there is no need for training. Simply invite them to download the app and they’ll be up and running in minutes.

    Integration with accounting and payroll systems

    Workyard has amazing and efficient integrations with Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Leading Payroll Providers, Sage, Foundation, and more ERPs. All the data collected is automatically sent to the right payroll system of your choice and everything is calculated for you. This can save you a lot of time and manual labor usually spent on precise calculation.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – 14 days of unlimited usage without credit card info
    • Time Tracking – $6/mo per user + $50/mo company base fee (annual)
    • Workforce Management – $13/mo per user + $50/mo company base fee (annual)
    • Large Workforces – Custom pricing for organizations with more than 50 employees



    Best for Healthcare


    1.4K reviews


    1.29K reviews


    4.3K reviews

    The Clockify attendance tracker is one of the best ways to monitor and manage your healthcare teams and see who is working and for how long. It’s easy to create an account and manage entire teams from one dashboard while relying on automatic time tracking and record keeping. Clockify is easy to use and implement in any healthcare-oriented business and it will allow you to focus more on the patients and less on the paperwork.

    Over 100K people sign up monthly

    High rating scores on all platforms

    Available on all mobile devices and includes a time clock kiosk

    Reliable attendance tracking

    With the Clockify attendance tracking, you will know who got on time, who is late, what projects they worked on, and for how long. The detailed yet simple overview that Clockify offers will help you manage your healthcare team better and optimize their performance. The dashboard is easy to access and use, and it will provide an overview of time, attendance, tasks, and activity.

    Easy Clocking in and out

    One of the best features and one of the reasons why Clockify is at the top of our list is the easy-to-use kiosk and clocking in and out option. It takes just a couple of minutes to set up the Clockify app in your organization and the employees are able to clock in and out with just a few clicks on any smart device available.


    All the data collected by the software is easy to export as PDF, Excel, and/or CSV. This way you can break down time tracking and send all the relevant data to payroll for further processing and payments.

    Key Features


    • Free unlimited plan with the option to upgrade for more features
    • Basic plan – $ 3.99 per user/month billed annually or $4.99 if billed monthly
    • Standard – $ 5.49 per user/month billed annually or $6.99 if billed monthly
    • Pro – $ 7.99 per user/month billed annually or $9.99 if billed monthly
    • Enterprise – $ 11.99 per user/month billed annually or $14.99 if billed monthly


    Best for Manufacturing and Warehouse


    92.7K reviews


    25.9K reviews


    5.8K reviews

    Quickbooks employee attendance tracker is the optimal choice if you want seamless management of manufacturing or warehouse facilities. With this attendance tracker, you can easily see and manage the hours, schedules, and attendance – all from one dashboard. This will help you run your business more efficiently and ensure the best and most transparent relations with your employees.

    Best-rated attendance tracker with over 20,000 reviews

    Available for IOS and Android users

    Integrations with Quickbooks, TurboTax, Credit Karma, and Mailchimp

    Easy attendance tracking

    Quickbooks attendance tracking is one of the best-rated apps on the market and for a good reason. It’s easy to use and even easier to set up in busy workplaces. You can use it on any device, including desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Everything you need is in one place and you can manage your team wherever you are.

    Simple scheduling

    With additional features that Quickbooks offers you can easily and efficiently create schedules, and make the best shift coverages based on available employees. As a manager, you can do everything to organize your team on one platform and the employees will be automatically notified so that everyone is on the right track.

    Notifications and approvals

    With Quickbooks employee attendance tracker you can be sure that all the employees are reminded if they are not clocking in on time, and with additional alerts, you can send notifications for schedules and payroll submissions. Quickbooks ensures everything is done on time and easily integrates other apps and payroll systems.

    Key Features


    • Free trial for 30 days
    • Elite – $40/mo + $10 per user per month
    • Premium – $20/mo + $8 per user per month


    Time Tracker eBillity

    Best for Professional Services


    1.3K reviews


    194 reviews


    2.5K reviews

    eBillity is the best attendance and tracking app for your professional services and business. This app is very easy to use and on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about billable hours, clients, schedules, and invoices ever again. Keeping track of employees’ attendance and hours is a breeze when you have an app that does most of the job for you, automatically.

    Free integrations and free support

    Less than 5 minutes to set up

    Award-winning software in 2021 and 2022

    Simple employee time tracking

    With real-time GPS tracking and easy time tracking you can be sure that each hour worked is properly billed. With apps like eBillity, you can save up to 30+ hours in administration every month and easily keep track of the attendance and hours of your employees.

    Employee time approval

    Once your team uses the eBillity features to track time and attendance it’s up to you to manage and approve the timesheets. Before syncing everything with the payroll integrations you can monitor the hours worked and avoid unnecessary overtime, edit and reject the submitted sheets and approve time for payroll in seconds.

    Notifications and alerts

    Set up a clever reminder for repetitive tasks and make it easier for your employees to stay on track. With the customizable notifications and alerts you have with eBillity you can remind your staff to track and submit their timesheets, clock in and out or add other useful notifications.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – 14 days of an unlimited plan without credit card info
    • Time Tracker – $7.5 / user/mo
    • Time Tracker Premium – $12.5 / user/mo
    • LawBillity $30 / user/mo



    Best for Technology & IT


    166 reviews


    3.61K reviews


    200 reviews

    Zoho People app is the best choice for technology and IT sectors because it’s optimized and modern way to track your employees and manage remote teams. With implemented data safety measures and amazing customizable log in solutions this is the one stop shop you need to boost the productivity of you team and ensure proper attendance tracking.

    Works with biometric devices for employee check-in and check-out

    Several API integrations included

    Industry-leading safety measures for data protection

    Easy to use and employee-focused

    The Zoho People employee attendance tracker is called that way for a reason. This app will allow your employees to easily clock in and out, with a simple dashboard and even facial recognition options. In addition, your employees will have a better overview of attendance and check out their performance, overtime, and absence details.

    Flexible settings

    Features offered by Zoho People are completely customizable depending on your team and line of work. It’s mostly recommended for the technology and IT sector, as the customizable solutions will make it easier for you to manage large teams and people who are not in the same location. With Zoho People, you can personalize the experience, track hours, create an absence scheduler, pay period configurations, permissions and so much more.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – For 5 users
    • Essential HR – $1.5 user/month
    • Professional – $2.5 user/month
    • Premium $3.5 user/month
    • Enterprise – $5 user/month
    • People Plus – $10 user/month



    Best for Retail


    24 reviews


    771 reviews


    414 reviews

    Jibble is the best attendance-tracking app if you want to manage your retail stores and teams. It has amazing and free features that will be enough for small business owners, while bigger teams always have the option to upgrade their plans. The attendance tracker is easy to set up and use, and with added features such as precise GPS and face recognition, you can be sure that your employees are at the right location and at the right time.

    Thousands of new users each month

    Free plans that take only minutes to set up

    Thousands of companies from every industry use Jibble to track employee time

    Employee-friendly attendance tracker

    With Jibble you can create free and customizable attendance-tracking solutions that will work for you and your employees. This user-friendly app is easy to set up and even easier to use on a daily basis. You can manage the calendar and create the most optimal schedules based on attendance and working hours.

    Employee GPS tracker

    For precise and perfect management of your team, the Jibble app offers GPS solutions that will help you determine the exact location of your employees as well as ensure the proper coverage of all stores and shifts. 

    Every detail is available on the Jibble dashboard including organization, groups, schedule, and location in real time. With added reminders, your team will never forget to clock in and out.

    Attendance kiosk and face recognition software

    You can easily set up a punch-in kiosk with face recognition or PIN clocking in to avoid potential buddy punching and other issues with your team. With these unique features, your employees will be encouraged to get in on time and attendance tracking will boost productivity while saving you money.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – Forever with upgrade options
    • Premium – $2.00 /month
    • Ultimate – $4.00 /month
    • Enterprise – custom


    Harri app

    Best for Hospitality & Leisure


    92 reviews


    342 reviews


    29 reviews

    Harri has everything you need for complete and accurate employee attendance tracking in one place. It’s very easy to implement and use on daily basis, even in the most demanding industires.

    Harri serves over 20,000 restaurants and hotels

    More than 4 million hospitality employees use Harri

    Integrations with restaurant management systems, POS, job boards, payroll

    Biometric time clock

    Use the advantage of easy and secure clocking in and out, and allow your employees to use the face recognition biometric time clock for easy access. This unique feature makes the entire process of attendance and time tracking an easy task that all of your workers can do in seconds and you can be sure the data is properly stored on any smart device or POS system.

    Timesheet Compliance

    With Harri’s attendance tracker you will know who is showing up early, on time, or late every day. A single system of record will allow you easy access to punch management, sick leave, pay and hours worked.

    Communications, Feedback & Announcements

    You can build better relationships with your team and use messages, alerts, and surveys to engage people to communicate more. You can use the push notifications to manage the schedules as well as announce new menu items, events, specials and so much more.

    Key Features


    • Basic – $99 / per month

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