The Top 10 Mobile Field Service Software Solutions in 2024

This guide features 10 of the best mobile field service software solutions for 2024. Filter by features and industry type to choose the best fit for you.
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Field Service Management
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Work Scheduling

Schedule, Dispatch, & Track Work With Workyard

If you run a field service business, you’ll know how difficult it is to schedule, and dispatch field technicians expeditiously and keep track of their work.

However, these activities are critical to successful field operations. That is, having a highly productive field team that meets deadlines hinges on effectively organizing technicians’ appointments, optimizing the assigning of tasks, and tracking their progress.

This is where mobile field service software comes in!

Mobile field service management software puts control of field technicians in your hands, wherever you may be. 

These apps allow you to schedule and organize appointments, create work orders with relevant details about the service request, track how much time technicians put into each job, receive regular updates from the field, and more.

In this article, we’ll examine 10 of the best mobile field service management software. At the end of this article, you should be equipped with the knowledge you need to choose a mobile field service software that’ll help you manage your crew’s work for improved productivity.


Best overall mobile field service software for contractors

93 reviews
115 reviews

Workyard is a leading workforce management software that helps contractors and field services companies improve their profits by better managing their teams’ productivity.

While equipped with advanced features for modern-day workforce management, it is user-friendly and requires no training to get started.

It starts with a calendar-based schedule where you can easily manage your appointments and jobs, assign the right people to the right tasks, add notes and photos, and constantly track work progress.

Workyard includes an easy-to-use scheduler that helps you organize jobs and communicate exactly what needs to be done to your field technicians. 

With Workyard scheduler, you can say goodbye to the pain of manual scheduling. The app displays the real-time locations for your whole team, allowing you to optimally assign your jobs in minutes. 

Workyard also offers amazing job tracking capabilities that make tracking job completion easy-peasy. 

Additionally, it comes with a GPS time clock that helps you ensure payroll is accurate.

The smart time clock offers precise GPS tracking, ensuring that every minute worked is accounted for. You can avoid late clock-ins by automatically clocking in field employees when they arrive at a site, and you can trim time cards when employees forget to clock out. 

Workyard also tracks employee driving routes and automatically captures exact mileage per employee, helping you to remove guesswork from mileage reimbursement.

It has advanced reporting capabilities that provide easily customizable reports and dashboards for visualizing time and cost data in real-time to quickly identify and correct issues.

Explore Workyard and start a free trial today!

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Workyard has three affordable plans:

Try Workyard free for 14 days.
No credit card needed.


Best mobile field service software for service businesses


184 reviews


516 reviews

mHelpDesk advertises as an all-in-one software solution that can help service companies supercharge their slow and repetitive manual processes, from first customer contact to job management to getting pad.

mHelpDesk comes with GPS tracking that offers visibility over everyone’s availability. You can use any iOS or Android device to see your teams and jobs on a map.

The app also features an easy drag-and-drop scheduler. This allows optimal scheduling of field workers as you can avoid overbooking and underbooking. 

mHelpDesk will automatically update your field technician devices with the relevant information they need to do a job when you schedule and dispatch jobs to them. They’ll know where they need to go, when they should get there, and exactly what they should do when there. 

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mHelpDesk does not display pricing plans publicly. You’ll need to contact them for customized plans, which depend on the number of users.

However, their acknowledged starting price is about $35/ month per user.


Best mobile field service software for iPads

Penta is a tool you can use to keep service management staff and field service workers seamlessly connected throughout the workday. The app simplifies the assigning of work orders. 

Field service management staff can quickly view technicians’ availability and then use the app’s drag-and-drop scheduler to send work orders to field technicians on their iPads.

Field service personnel will receive all the customer-specific information they need to perform their work properly, including documents, instructions, diagrams, warranties, etc.

They can then transmit real-time status updates to the home office. With Penta’s real-time monitoring of work packages, you can accurately measure and manage schedule performance on all projects. Thus, you’ll be in control of everything happening in the field.

Penta also offers flexible invoicing options, allowing you to develop accurate quotes for different maintenance contracts and much more.

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Penta does not publicly display its pricing plans. You’ll have to contact them for customized prices based on the number of users.



Best mobile field service software for laptops and hand-held devices


71 reviews


244 reviews

Oracle Mobile Field Service was created by the American tech giant Oracle. It advertises as a complete field service task management tool.

True to this, the tool allows speedy resolution of field tasks. It allows you to assign tasks based on technician availability and immediately send out work orders with all the information necessary to do the work. 

Field technicians will be notified and can access the service requests and task-related information remotely via mobile devices and laptops. Technicians can also update their tasks on the app as they work, capturing time worked, materials details, and progress.

The app offers speed billing cycles, as you can use captured time and materials upon job completion to begin the billing process even before the agent returns to the office.

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Oracle Mobile Field Service does not publicly display its pricing plans. Pricing information is available only through a direct inquiry.



Best mobile field service software for growing businesses


16 reviews

Fieldpoint is a tool that enables field service businesses to streamline their processes and drive efficiency. It empowers you to manage jobs efficiently with simple work order management.

You can easily create work orders in the app and dispatch them to technicians in the field. You can record time, labor,  parts, and expenses related to each work order, giving accurate details of completed work. 

Fieldpoint is a great service project management software. With a Gantt-style resource planner, you can see the different project demands competing for the same technician. This allows you to plan resources across the entire life of a project. It also helps you coordinate the purchasing of materials and equipment.

Fieldpoint offers amazing billing flexibility, as you can build triggers on different variables to automatically create invoices.

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Fieldpoint does not publicly display its pricing. You’ll have to contact them for custom prices.



Best mobile field service software for equipment maintenance


14 reviews

MobileFrame is a field service software that will help you deliver quality service and exceed customer expectations. The field service software empowers you to schedule and dispatch effectively.

You can easily create and update work orders. Then, using the GPS tracker, you can find the nearest technician and assign them the work, maximizing efficiency and improving service levels. With the app automating service calls, technicians can focus on customer satisfaction. 

MobileFrame improves management insight. The management team can track customers’ accounts and automatically invoice, view staff location and job status in real-time, and generate reports based on real-time data.

MobileFrame is one of the best field service management tools for equipment maintenance. It can provide detailed and accurate equipment history, such as prior breakdowns and repairs, maintenance records, parts and labor used, etc.

The app also improves preventive maintenance, providing visual cues to guide technicians through preventive maintenance processes.

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MobileFrame offers four pricing plans. But prices are not publicly available. You need to contact them for pricing information.



Best overall mobile field service software for contractors


33 reviews


41 reviews

ServceMax is a service management app designed for fieldwork. It offers an easy-to-use interface for creating and assigning work. It has the “map view” feature to help you view the locations of jobs and technicians, allowing optimal job scheduling.

You can forward work orders to technicians’ mobile devices with all the information they need to do the job, including photo and video attachments.

The field service software offers Smart Business Docs,  allowing you to quickly create service reports, invoices, etc. The app is great for customer communication. 

For example, its “on my way feature” allows technicians to report when they’re headed to a location, keeping dispatchers and customers informed.

What’s more, ServiceMax offers seamless offline capabilities with Smart Sync. With this, technicians can access customer information and service requests without internet connectivity.

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ServiceMax does not publicly display its pricing plans. You have to contact them to get pricing information.


Best mobile field service software solution for quoting and invoicing


14 reviews


128 reviews

The Simpro app gives you a clear view of your crew’s availability. With Simtrac (GPS fleet tracking), you’ll know your team’s location in real-time, allowing you to assign the nearest most qualified technicians to the next job. 

Technicians can use a simple, easy clock on/off feature in Simpro Mobile to track their time on any job.

Simpro is also great for different aspects of inventory management. You can sync vendor catalogs to receive up-to-date material costs, track stock transactions, and more.

The Simpro field service software can improve your cash flow. You can use it to create service quotes and invoices easily. You can also automate invoicing and payments for recurring jobs.

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Simpro does not publicly display its pricing plans. You have to contact them for pricing information.


Best mobile field service software solution for contract management


34 reviews

12 reviews
68 reviews

FieldPulse is a field service software solution built for growing teams. Thus, it is excellent for small to medium-sized businesses that want to simplify business processes and grow to the next level.

The FieldPulse app offers excellent customer management. With an easy-to-use customer portal, customers can book and track service appointments

You have an equally easy-to-use interface for viewing technicians’ availability and optimally assigning jobs.

You can send technicians work orders with all the information they need to perform the job. Then, FieldPulse will automatically notify technicians in the field via real-time alerts on the app or email. You can then view live updates on jobs from your mobile device or computer. 

FieldPulse also offers top-of-the-line mobile estimating software.

You can easily create and sync your estimates, quotes, or proposals from your phone or tablet. You can also create and upload contracts from the FieldPulse app. The software has an e-signature feature, which enables your customers to complete and sign contracts.

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