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Employee Attendance Sheet

Efficiently Track Your Team's Attendance with Free Employee Attendance Sheets

Effectively tracking employee attendance is a top priority for managers. It lets them know which employees have attended regular shifts, used vacation and sick days, and more. 

To help make the attendance tracking process simple, we’ve provided free employee attendance sheets that can be downloaded and customized. We’ve also provided some recommendations for more effective attendance management.

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Employee Attendance Sheet

Employee Attendance Sheet

This employee attendance sheet contains fields for recording attendance and different types of absences throughout the month. Great for tracking PTO, vacation leave, unapproved absences, and more.

Download your preferred version here. Available in Excel and Google Sheets.

Employee Attendance Tracker

Employee Attendance Tracker

This employee attendance tracker is great for recording employee attendance throughout the year. Fill in the designated cells with the values provided in the legend and receive totals for how many days each employee was present, and their remaining available days off.

Download and customize your attendance tracker sheet here. Choose from Excel, Google Sheets, Word, PDF, or Google Docs.

Daily Employee Attendance Sheet

Daily Employee Attendance Sheet

Daily employee attendance sheets are an excellent tool for accurately recording when employees are present at work. This daily attendance sheet includes space for employees to fill in the time they started and finished work and additional columns for logging break times and overtime hours. 

Download your daily attendance sheet here. Available in Excel and Google Sheets.

What is employee attendance tracking?

Employee attendance tracking involves recording the dates and times an employee was present or absent from work. Employers log attendance to keep track of how many approved or non-approved days off an employee has used within a given time period. 

Non-approved days off can include no-shows or absences without sufficient notice. Approved days off can include vacation, parental leave, medical leave, and more.

Why is it important?

Employee attendance tracking is vital because it allows employers to record and view employee absences, approved time off, and more. Without an accurate record of employee attendance, employers would not be able to issue formal warnings if an employee violates the company’s attendance policy. Additionally, they would be unable to track how many approved days off an employee has used. 

With the proper attendance tracking process, employers can confidently issue write-ups for no-shows if needed and more easily approve authorized time off.

How do you track employee attendance accurately?

Accurately tracking employee attendance can be done in several ways. For starters, employers can utilize spreadsheets like the ones provided in this article. Then, depending on which attendance-related fields an employer would like to track, they may use the daily or monthly sheets, or the attendance tracker sheet/PDF. 

While spreadsheets are convenient to access, they require some manual work. For example, employers must enter attendance and absences before carrying over totals to the next period. 

For an easier way to accurately track attendance, time management apps are highly recommended. These apps let employees enter the time they started working each day and when they finished. Managers can then access a complete record of each employee’s attendance to determine whether or not to approve time off requests, warn an employee of absences, etc.

What are the best practices for tracking employee attendance?

Best practices for tracking employee attendance include:

Keeping an accurate record: An accurate employee attendance record lets employers know exactly which employees have been present or absent from work.

Following local labor laws: Depending on what state a business is located, it may be required to keep a record of employee attendance for tax purposes. Labor laws may also require an attendance record for issuing attendance-related suspensions. 

Following a process that is easy for employees and management: The easier it is for employees to record their attendance, the better. Employees accurately recording their attendance makes management’s job of logging attendance and absences easier and minimizes time off request errors.

Keeping organized: Having everything in one place makes for trouble-free attendance tracking. Through time management apps, employers can see attendance records, time sheets, project progress, and more. This can help simplify payroll and approving time off requests.

How can you automate the attendance tracking process?

The easiest way to automate the attendance tracking process is by utilizing time management apps. Apps like Workyard, for example, let employees clock in and out with the press of a button. This information is then stored on the app, where managers can view who was present at work and who was absent.

What are the legal requirements for tracking employee attendance?

Legal requirements for tracking employee attendance vary depending on the state a business is located in and how employees are paid. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers with staff who are paid an hourly rate must keep a record of attendance.

If tracking employee attendance is not a requirement for your business, it’s still beneficial for many reasons. Tracking attendance can help provide more accurate expense reports for certain projects and help management keep track of PTO and other types of leave.

What kind of data can you collect with an employee attendance tracking system?

Employee attendance tracking systems can help businesses collect more accurate data. Unlike standard timesheets, they allow employees to clock in from anywhere as soon as they begin working. They can also clock out prior to leaving job sites and upload photos or descriptions of the work they completed.

Employee tracking systems like Workyard also feature GPS tracking, which takes the guesswork out of knowing where an employee clocked in and out from.

How can you ensure the privacy and security of employee attendance data?

Privacy and security of employee data is a top priority for all employers. When it comes to keeping attendance data safe, employers should ensure they are using a trusted platform, limit access to only those who need to access attendance records, and conduct regular security audits. 

How can you use employee attendance data to improve employee performance?

Employee attendance data collection is crucial for improving employee performance. If an employee has a history of non-approved absences, it can negatively affect other employees and hinder project progress. Research also shows that employees often perform better at their jobs when they have used vacation days. 

By having access to attendance data, employers can issue warnings to employees who are consistently absent. Further, they can encourage employees who have not used their vacation or other PTO days to do so.

What are the benefits of using an electronic attendance tracking system compared to manual methods?

Although manual employee attendance tracking can be useful, there is no question that electronic tracking is a more accurate, secure, and cost-effective method. Some of the main benefits of electronic attendance tracking systems include:

More accurate data: Electronic systems allow employees to clock in and out from anywhere, with GPS tracking that shows their real-time location.

Improved efficiency: Manually creating and filling out employee attendance sheets can take hours out of a manager’s day. Electronic systems do most of the work for you, saving hours that could otherwise be spent on more important tasks.

Reduced costs: Electronic tracking can help reduce costs by helping managers know exactly when an employee started and stopped working. With traditional sheets, employees may accidentally record extra time, leading to overtime pay that was not earned. 

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