• Published : April 12, 2023

Contractor Templates: Download & Print for Free!

Prepare professional construction contracts with our free contractor templates. Choose from standard contractor agreements, subcontractor agreements, 1099 contractor agreements, and more! Available in PDF, Word, and Google Docs formats.
Contractor Template

Create Your Own Construction Contract With Free Contractor Templates

Writing contracts from scratch can be a challenging task. Not only must contracts contain all of the right information, they also need to be formatted in a way that is easy to understand and clearly communicate the terms of the agreement. 

To help make the contract creation process smoother for construction businesses, we’ve created six different contractor contract templates that can be downloaded and customized to your businesses needs. Choose from PDF, Word, or Google Docs formats.

Contractor Template

Contractor Template

This standard contractor contract template is great for creating construction contracts. This form includes space for filling out all the terms of your contractor agreement, including the scope of work, payments, milestones, and more. 

Download and customize your contractor template here. Available in three different formats for your convenience. Choose from PDF, Word, or Google Docs.

Contractor Agreement

Contractor Agreement

This contractor agreement template outlines the services to be provided, project deadlines, and common construction contract terms and conditions. You can easily customize this sample by filling in the blank spaces, or adding your own terms and conditions.

Download for free! This template is available in PDF, Word, and Google Docs formats.

Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Clearly outline all contractor responsibilities with this independent contractor agreement template. This template contains sample headings for common construction contract terms and conditions, and space for client and contractor signatures. 

Download your independent contractor agreement template here. Choose from PDF, Word, or Google Docs.

1099 Contractor Agreement

1099 Contractor Agreement

Create your 1099 contractor agreement with this free template. Here, you can enter all of the terms of your 1099 agreement, and ensure the independent contractor is aware of their responsibilities both in terms of work, and managing their taxes.

Download your template here. Available in PDF, Word, and Google Docs formats. 

General Contractor Agreement

General Contractor Agreement

Customize your general contractor agreement by downloading this form and filling in your contract details. Great for hiring general contractors for any construction project. 

Download your general contractor agreement template here. Choose from PDF, Word, or Google Docs.

Subcontractor Agreement

Subcontractor Agreement

This subcontractor agreement template can be used when hiring subcontractors for various parts of a construction project. Here, you can outline the dates a subcontractor will be hired for, the duties they will be responsible for, and any terms and conditions they should be aware of.

Download this construction subcontractor agreement and customize it to your business needs. Available in PDF, Word, and Google Docs formats. 

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How do I write a contractor contract?

Writing a contract can often feel like an overwhelming task. With many laws and regulations to consider, and the confusing nature of contract terminology, it’s no surprise that many businesses seek help with contract writing. That being said, with the right tools and legal guidance, writing effective contractor contracts is possible. 

Some steps you can follow when creating your own contract include:

  • Research well: Learn about the different terms and conditions that construction contracts often include. It is helpful to know which items should be included and which can be omitted, so that your contracts only contain the most useful information. 


  • Write clearly and effectively: Your contract should be easy to follow so that there is no confusion around the responsibilities of the contractor and yourself. By keeping your writing clear, and free of any unnecessary jargon, you can ensure your contract is understandable by both parties.


  • Consult with a legal professional: Whether you create your contract from scratch or use a template, you should always consult with a legal professional to ensure all legal requirements are met so that your contract can be enforced. 

How do I make a construction contract template?

Creating a custom construction contract template can help save you time in the long-run, especially if you frequently hire contractors. Templates let you quickly fill in details like the contractor’s name, mailing address, and other information. They also let you have your businesses general terms and policies organized so that they can be used throughout various contracts. 

There are a few tools you can use to create a construction contract template for your business. Some of the most popular options being Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Canva. To get started, you might want to view some other free templates that have already been created to get an idea of how you can format yours, and incorporate your own style and branding. 

Can I use a template for a contract?

Yes, templates are commonly used for creating contracts. Templates not only help make the contract writing process quicker, they often come pre-loaded with general terms and conditions that can be kept.

Although templates can be a great way to create contracts, they still require project managers to follow up on tasks to ensure contractors are meeting their obligations. One great tool for managing construction, home services, and property maintenance contracts is workforce management apps. Apps like Workyard allow managers to quickly view contract information and ensure contractors and subcontractors are on the right track with live project updates, GPS location and mileage tracking, job costing, and more.

Can I create my own contract?

Creating contracts yourself is possible. However, contracts should be reviewed by a legal professional if you are unsure of the legal requirements in your state. Legal professionals can help guide you through any changes that must be made in order for your contract to be legally binding, and can help you avoid any issues down the line.

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