10 Best Apps For Landscapers

In this article, we list the 8 best apps for landscapers that help you better manage, organize and track your landscaping jobs.
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Managing and organizing a landscaping business can be a challenge, that’s why so many landscaping business apps have been developed in recent years. But, choosing the right landscaping app is not easy. Some apps are perfect for scheduling while others provide the best leads or customer satisfaction.

That’s why we have the ultimate list of the top 10 best apps for landscaping businesses that will help you manage your teams, get more customers and track every step of the project to increase profitability and save time and money.

Best Apps For Landscapers


Simple GPS-powered time clock and job scheduling app for landscapers


45 reviews


75 reviews

Workyard’s leading app will help your landscaping business thrive with user-friendly tools to schedule, manage and track your jobs.

Workyard offers accurate GPS-powered time-tracking features that will help you and your employees easily track time on the field and create detailed reports every day. In addition, the built-in GPS tracking will share the real-time locations of all employees and with geofencing options, you can detect when they reach the site, drive to another location, or clock out for the day. This way you have full control over every employee on the field and know exactly where everyone is.

To manage and organize your team even better the Workyard lawn care app lets you create and change schedules with a simple drag-and-drop feature. You can plan ahead of time, add tasks to the right employees on the schedule, add notes, photos, and checklists for more details and ensure everyone is on the same page. This detailed information sharing within the schedule will keep you organized and help your employees maintain a professional and productive landscaping business.

All the data collected from the field such as hours worked, miles traveled, mandatory breaks, and overtime will automatically be tracked and added to the timesheets generated. This way you will have real-time labor costs and everything you need for easy payroll processing. With additional integrations with all major accounting and payroll apps, you can rely on the Workyard app to do all the time-consuming tasks for you and focus more on growing your landscaping business.

Key Features

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  • Time tracking $6/month per user
  • Workforce management $13/month per user
  • Large workforces – Custom solutions

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Free plant identification app


2.5K reviews


40.4K reviews

LeafSnap is a great and free plant recognition app that uses visual technology to identify plants your clients have or want in their gardens.

The landscaping business is so much more than simply mowing the grass and many clients will expect expert knowledge and information from you. This is where apps like LeafSnap can come in handy and help you identify any plant your client might have in their garden. In addition to simple identification based on photos from your smartphone, you can read a lot about the plant and find the best tips and tricks on maintenance, care, and growing.

The LeafSnap offers automatic reminders for you and your clients on plant care, including watering, fertilizing, pruning, and more. This way you can impress your customers and build better business relationships while expanding your knowledge of common and exotic plant species.

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  • LeafSnap Premium – $25.99
  • LeafSnap Premium 1 month – $4.99
  • LeafSnap Premium 6 months – $24.99
  • LeafSnap Premium 3 months – $14.99



Cheapest gas station finder app for landscaping businesses


‎444K reviews


836K reviews

GasBuddy can help your landscape/lawn care business be more profitable with the right information on the cheapest gas stations near you.

GasBuddy is a handy and community-driven software that shows you the average and lowest gas prices around you, helps you find the best gas stations, and offers additional saving options if you participate with other people using the app. With GasBuddy, you can find the best gas station to fill up your vehicles and save a lot of money spent on gas, especially with skyrocketing prices we have today.

In addition, the GasBuddy app can help you find a gas station even if there are natural disasters near you, get lower prices with their special loyalty cards, and get GasBack points to reduce your overall costs.

Key Features

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  • Free with in-app upgrades available


Google Earth

Free aerial imagery for landscaping professionals


33.4K reviews


2M+ reviews

Google Earth might be one of the most popular apps for exploring the globe but it’s a very good opportunity for all landscaping and lawn care  business owners to get a closer look at potential job sites and create virtual designs.

With the free Google Earth app you can get a look at the property of your clients even before visiting the site. This can give you a lot of time to come up with the perfect ideas, designs, and suggestions for your clients to impress them and beat the competition. It’s also possible to create elaborate designs, use accurate measurements and even collaborate with other people on the same Google Earth project.

The unique and accurate aerial perspective can help you a lot with landscaping plans and it’s an opportunity to compare the ideas to the neighborhood and local designs that might be interesting. Additionally, you can use Google Earth Pro to get historical and timelapse views or get even more accurate measurements for the best landscaping presentation and design.

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