10 Best GPS Fleet Tracking Systems For Small Business

In this article, we list the 12 best GPS fleet tracking apps that help small businesses easily track their fleet of vehicles and employees without breaking the budget.
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Tracking Your Fleet Is So Much Easier With Workyard

Business GPS tracking technology uses the innovative global positioning system (GPS) to monitor and track locations, movements, and statuses of vehicles. This improved way of tracking can help small business owners to optimize efficiency, increase the safety of the employees and track important data such location arrival and departure times, mileage, fuel usage, routes taken, real-time locations and even hours worked.

The systems typically consist of GPS tracking devices installed in each vehicle, which transmit data to a central management system, where it can be viewed and analyzed. Given the power of modern smartphones, these devices are increasingly being replaced by apps that run on an employees smartphone, providing a much cheaper and easier to manage solution. 

Today we’ll look at the 10 best systems in the market including both ones that rely on tracking devices and more modern software-only solutions that offer more than just GPS tracking.


Affordable GPS, Time Tracking & Scheduling App


42 reviews


70 reviews

Workyard’s GPS-powered time clock is the easiest and most affordable solution when you need reliable and accurate GPS fleet tracking for your small business. Instead of investing in new hardware devices and equipment, Workyard provides an innovative approach that utilizes the drivers’ phones and leverages the highly accurate GPS tracking that is already available on their phone.

The Workyard’s precise GPS monitoring will tell you where each crew member is in real-time, when they arrived at the job site, and when they left. This is especially useful for contractors that need to track locations, mileage, and hours of multiple employees and projects. With Workyard’s configurable geofencing, you’ll be able to automatically detect when a worker steps or drives into a geo-fenced area.

When your employees arrive at the geofenced job site, they will be reminded to clock in, and the built-in time clock will accurately track hours. This makes the Workyard app easy to use and your employees can start the time clock in just a couple of clicks. In addition  the Workyard app tracks mandatory breaks and overtime, you will receive alerts if there are any inconsistencies, ensuring compliance with all federal and state laws.

Workyard software also has a simple drag-and-drop scheduler that allows you to schedule where your fleet needs to go and also communicate what needs to be done with notes, checklists, documents and photos. Drivers can also access their up-to-date schedule from their phone at all times ensuring your whole team always has the latest schedule in their pocket. If the schedule changes, you can easily send drivers notifications alerting them immediately of the new schedule. 

Workyard offers everything you need to effectively manage a growing fleet in your small business. Being an app based solution, you get the added benefits built in time tracking and scheduling at a much better price because you don’t have to worry about buying and installing tracking devices on your vehicles.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Free trial – 14 days
  • Time Tracking – $8/mo per user + $50 per month for Company Base Fee
  • Workforce Management – $16/mo per user + $50 per month for Company Base Fee
  • Large Workforces – Custom


Smart Fleet USA

Scalable and customizable GPS tracking system

SmartFleet USA provides a robust system that includes user-friendly GPS tracking, dash cameras, and field service management solutions.

SmartFleet USA relies on plug-n-play and hard-wired GPS tracking devices that are easy to deploy and plug into the vehicle’s OBD-II port. This easy installation means you don’t have to worry about your crew and any additional training. The GPS tracking will start immediately, and send customizable notifications about vehicle speed, idling, off-hours, and overall driver behavior. It’s powered by an internal battery and it will keep working even if the plug-n-play device is unplugged. Besides mileage tracking and other data collected from the field, you can rely on maintenance support and know exactly when the services are needed.

SmartFleet USA also includes solutions with dash camera technology to help you get an even better overview of your fleet vehicles and all activities on the road.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • On request


Force by Mojio

Small business GPS fleet tracking solution


19 reviews


61 reviews

Force By Mojito is one of the best GPS fleet tracking services for small business owners who want to improve driver accountability, monitor vehicles, and improve customer relationships.

The Force By Mojio system begins with a simple plug-and-play device that needs to be plugged into each vehicle to automatically start tracking and sharing location, mileage and so much more. With the live map view of your vehicles and employees you can easily dispatch the closest personnel to the job site, and even share links with your clients so they can track the technician on the map. Force By Mojio is available on multiple devices and closely monitors the driver’s behavior and includes notifications if they are speeding, running late, or otherwise show unusual driving patterns.

The Force By Mojio system has an integration with Housecall Pro software so you can use them together to manage your fleet, and create estimates, invoices, and schedules.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Free trial for 30 days
  • GPS fleet tracking – $18 per vehicle per month


Verizon Connect

On-the-road compliance GPS fleet tracking


24 reviews


1K reviews

Verizon Connect is a great GPS fleet tracking system if you want to have a better overview and control over drivers and vehicles and ensure on-the-road compliance.

The Verizon Connect system offers many customizable features that will help you track vehicles, have exact locations on the live maps, integrated theft alerts, and most importantly ELD and IFTA compliance. With plug-and-play and hardwired GPS devices, you can track the vehicles, but also rely on the navigation software that will guide your fleet only on the roads that are authorized to use. This way you will stay compliant with the laws in any state you operate.

Along with the standard offers by Verizon Connect that include fuel usage, idle time, engine status, and driver’s performance you now have the option to track and monitor electric vehicles (EVs). The Verizon Connect GPS fleet tracking software will monitor the battery, create EV-specific reports and send alerts for any issues on the vehicle.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Free Demo
  • $0.76 vehicle/day + taxes and fees



Robust and user-friendly GPS fleet tracking solution


3.9K reviews


7.3K reviews

Samsara GPS fleet tracking service offers all-in-one solutions to track your fleet, get the best insights into costs and implement the entire system with ease.

The Samsara GPS tracking system has many features and plug-and-play devices that will help you manage your fleets of more than three vehicles. It’s a great solution for small businesses that need to maintain a tight budget as all the data collected from the field will help you get a better overview of the expenses and possible cutbacks. Samsara devices and software offer many tracking records including real-time locations, engine status, driving hours, mileage and fuel status and so much more.

Samsara might be one of the most user-friendly GPS tracking systems as the implementation requires little to no instructions, and their customer support center is working 24/7. With extended tracking options, you can track vehicles, trailers, or equipment, and easily use the same software to dispatch technicians and optimize their routes.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Custom quotes


Track Your Truck

Small business GPS fleet tracking

Track Your Truck is one of the best GPS fleet tracking platforms for small businesses that need to manage their fleets and be ahead of the competition. 

This GPS system offers everything you need from high-quality and customizable GPS tracker devices to GPS tracking software solutions to track your fleet in real-time, keep track of vehicle performance, reduce fuel costs and monitor your employees. It’s focused more on small business owners that can’t afford expensive repairs and ensure that the automated preventive maintenance keeps all the vehicles performing better and more reliable. Besides the real-time fleet tracking and updates, you also have easy data access that allows you to monitor the driver behavior and spot aggressive or poor drivers that can damage your company and budget on time. On the other hand, this system will enable you to reward better-performing drivers and increase productivity while reducing labor hours needed for service delivery.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Custom prices from $14.99/month



Safety-focused GPS fleet tracking solutions


814 reviews


375 reviews

The Azuga GPS fleet tracking small business focused solutions are the best choice for people who want maximum driver safety and easy implementation.

Azuga GPS fleet tracking system begins with simple and various devices that are easy to install and connect to the web-based interface. While Azuga offers a plethora of features to help you manage your vehicles, it’s best known for additional safety measures such as real-time location tracking, dual-sided dashcam, and even safety coaching and rewards for the best drivers. Azuga software constantly monitors vehicles on the move for crash event predictors and the dual-sided camera provides a recording of both the booth and the outside of the vehicle for more accurate reports.

In addition to safety features, you can easily monitor fuel consumption with the integrated fuel card, schedule maintenance, and have an overview of the service history with detailed reports.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Custom pricing on request


Mix Telematics

GPS tracking and fleet management software


5 reviews

Mix Telematics GPS tracking services are focused on the small business fleet vehicles that need to be connected and offer solutions to manage your drivers, ensure safety, and reduce costs.

Mix Telematics is a company that caters to the specific needs of smaller companies that have up to 50 vehicles and provides the best features to retain good drivers, reduce fuel consumption and ensure the best possible connection between your fleet management and employees on the road. Safety is the number one priority and with Mix Telematics you can keep all the vehicles serviced, monitor driver fatigue and performance, and develop training programs for your drivers. In addition, you can use the Mix Telematics software solutions to enhance route planning and real-time delivery scheduling, reduce fuel costs and even monitor and pre-schedule maintenance. 

The GPS system provided will help you with standard tracking but also enable you to implement video monitoring with dashcams, identify drivers to protect your fleet, and add vehicle access control and geofencing. All the features aim to increase the safety of your assets and fleet while reducing costs that are very important to small business owners.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • GPS fleet tracking from $19.99



GPS fleet and equipment tracking

GPSNVision GPS tracking solution understands the needs of smaller business owners and the specific requirements of their fleet vehicles. 

GPSNVision offers various GPS tracking devices that can share real-time positions every 30 to 60 seconds while the vehicle is on the move, but also offer easy geofencing, speed alerts, and tracking history from 90 to 365 days. GPSNVision plans are completely customizable and have features that can help your business, including temperature monitoring for refrigerated trucks, 4G LTE connectivity, and vehicle maintenance alerts. The system also monitors driver behavior with functions such as speed threshold alerts, rapid acceleration, or harsh braking which can help a lot with the safety and accountability of your drivers. And with the added 4G live view dash camera you can closely monitor your drivers and predict risky behaviors before any damage is done.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • GPS monthly plan – $24.95
  • GPS quarterly plan – $59.85
  • GPS annual plan – $215.88
  • GPS premium – $399.99



GPS fleet tracking solution


1 review

Fleetistics offers fleet management and GPS fleet trackers that will help your small business with productivity, accountability, and customer service. GPS tracker product line includes simple OBD plug-ins and equipment trackers with batteries that can run for months.

Numerous features offered in the Fleetistics plans cover different GPS devices incorporated into vehicles, and different platforms to suit your needs and budget. With high-resolution GPS tracking, you can monitor office time, customer stop time, and breaks allowing you to make adjustments and increase productivity. With the accelerometer inside the GPS tracker, you can monitor aggressive driving and ensure all your drivers are accountable and promoted if necessary. With the dashcam integration and CrewChief insurance dashcam, you can even further reduce insurance and liability. All these features aim to help your fleet vehicles perform more optimally, saving you money and increasing your profitability.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • From $9.95 per month

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Tracking Your Fleet Is So Much Easier With Workyard

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