8 Best Truck Tracking Apps In 2023

In this article, we list the 10 best truck tracking apps that will help you accurately track your fleet of vehicles and employees in real-time.
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Tracking Your Trucks & Employees Is So Much Easier With Workyard

Effective logistics and transportation management are critical in today’s fast-paced commercial world. Truck tracking is a vital component of supply chain management, assisting firms in monitoring their fleet, ensuring timely deliveries, and improving overall efficiency. 

Truck monitoring apps have become a popular alternative for transportation companies and logistics providers as technology has advanced. This post will introduce you to the eight greatest truck monitoring applications available in 2023, all of which are designed to help you optimize your transportation operations, increase efficiency, and cut expenses. 

Whether you run a small or large fleet, these applications provide a variety of capabilities to meet your individual needs and keep you ahead of the competition.

Best Truck Tracking Apps


Truck Tracking App For Contractors & Field Services


46 reviews


75 reviews

Workyard is a reliable truck tracking app designed for contractors and field services, with a robust GPS system that tracks locations, time, mileage, and more.

The Workyard app leverages the GPS system on your mobile device and ensures you don’t have to invest in expensive tracking equipment but rather rely on iOS and Android devices your drivers already have. This way you can accurately track your trucks and drivers in real-time. Workyard’s precise built-GPS tracking shows you live vehicle locations, leverages geofences to detect site arrivals  and even captures mileage and travel time automatically. 

Geofencing can be used to remind your drivers to clock in with just a couple of taps on their Workyard app. This way you can track the hours worked, miles travelled, and overtime for more precise and easier payroll processing. In addition Workyard, you will have all the data you need to get real-time labor costs and improve profitability and help you manage your fleet more efficiently.

You can also create detailed schedules and change them on the go, depending on the current locations of your trucks and drivers. All changes made to the schedule are automatically sent to employees via push notifications so you can be sure everyone is on the same page with all the assignments. With added notes, photos, and checklists you can provide more details for the employees and keep all the communication in one place for easy access.

Most importantly the Workyard app is very easy to use and implement even in the busiest environmentss. Your employees don’t need any additional training and most of the Workyard features will automatically track all the data you need. In just a couple of minutes, your truck drivers can login and start tracking their workday and rely on the Workyard app to monitor and log in all the details.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Time tracking – $6 per month per user
  • Workforce management – $13 per month per user
  • Large workforces – Custom Pricing


Track Your Truck

Truck tracking app with GPS tracking devices


12 reviews


13 reviews

Track Your Truck is a GPS truck monitoring solution that allows you to track and make informed decisions about your fleet in real-time. 

This system uses GPS technology to precisely track each vehicle in your fleet’s position, speed, and route. You can obtain specific information about your trucks and trailers with Track Your Truck, such as their current status, fuel usage, and maintenance history. The technology sends out real-time notifications for a variety of events, including arrival and departure from a given place, excessive speeding, and idling. This allows you to monitor your drivers’ performance and ensure that they are following safe driving habits. Furthermore, the system provides powerful reporting and data analysis capabilities, allowing you to get insights into the operations of your fleet and make data-driven choices. 

Track Your Truck is a dependable and cost-effective solution for your truck tracking needs, whether you run a small or big fleet.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Flexible prices from $14.99/month



Smartphone-based truck GPS tracker


9 reviews


5.98K reviews

GPS Tracker & Mileage Log is a smartphone app developed to assist fleet managers and businesses keep track of the locations and miles traveled by their trucks. There is no software needed as everything is web-based and available for any mobile or desktop users.

The software employs GPS technology to track the vehicle’s location and movement with position updates every two seconds, generating a complete map of the path traveled. Users can quickly track their miles traveled for business purposes, such as tax deductions and cost reimbursement, using GPS Tracker & Mileage Log. The software also offers real-time information and warnings, such as speed notifications, driver behavior, and geofencing. With GPS Tracker & Mileage log app, you can also export their data and produce reports for further analysis.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Free
  • Individual – $35 per plan per year
  • Business – $80 per vehicle per year


Teletrac Navman

AI-powered fleet management system


4 reviews


294 reviews

Teletrac Navman Mobile for trucks provides real-time visibility features and guarantees that your trucks are safe and operationally efficient for maximum revenue.

Teletrac Navman Mobile GPS solutions depend on artificial intelligence (AI) technology and Drone View to precisely monitor and track the exact location of your vehicles. Furthermore, precise geofencing capabilities allow you to monitor activities in specific geographic places and even rely on smart dash cams for increased visibility for your fleet and trucks. Informed dispatching, navigation, safety features, and ELDs make the driver’s work easier and minimize turnover, saving you money and time. Furthermore, you can expect increased profitability from lower fuel expenses, optimal routing, and greater team communication inside the same Teletrac Navman Mobile app.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Custom


Verizon Connect

Easy-to-use fleet tracking app


24 reviews


1K reviews

Verizon Connect offers reliable GPS vehicle tracking solutions that can help you with fleet management right from your mobile device.

Verizon Connect’s GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management features allow you to access the real-time and live map view where you can see the exact locations of your trucks and even see the work order details without leaving the map. This ensures you and your dispatching service know where every truck is, its movement, and availability for better scheduling and dispatching. In addition, you can use the smart integrated video dash cam to get instant alerts and notifications when unsafe driving occurs and watch videos within minutes of the accident.

All the fleet management features are available on your mobile devices so you can monitor the truck activity on the go, access routing history, adjust geofencing and see driver locations.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Free Demo
  • $0.76 vehicle/day + taxes and fees



Delivery management software


184 reviews


883 reviews

DispatchTrack is a fleet management platform that offers businesses real-time truck monitoring and delivery management services.

You can track your trucks and delivery vehicles in real-time, manage delivery routes and timetables, interact with drivers, and receive delivery updates using the comprehensive service and features. DispatchTrack also includes capabilities including automatic dispatch, real-time delivery updates, proof of delivery, and tracking of driver conduct. DispatchTrack’s mission is to enhance delivery efficiency, save operational costs, and give a better customer experience primarily focusing on timely delivery.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Prices are based on the requested number of vehicle licenses



Free GPS tracker app


78 reviews


325 reviews

X-GPS Tracker

With two GPS tracker apps by Loccate you can rely on X-GPS Monitor and X-GPS Tracker for smartphones and tablets for ultimate truck and fleet tracking.

With the X-GPS Monitor app for fleet managers, you can monitor, track and organize your trucks and drivers. The app allows you to see when the trucks are moving, get instant notifications and alerts for predefined events, and see the entire day in the log history. On the other hand, your drivers have the X-GPS Tracker app on their smart devices that enable precise GPS tracking without any additional devices and expenses. The same truck-tracking app can be used for fleet operations, team communication, work orders, status updates, and photo-sharing purposes.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Track & Trace 5–15 ASSETS –  $3/asset/month
  • Business 5–50 ASSETS – $5/asset/month
  • Professional 5–500 ASSETS – $10/asset/month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing



Fleet management and tracking app


13 reviews


24 reviews

US Fleet Tracking is a robust fleet management system that relies on tracking devices and mobile solutions for complete truck tracking.

US Fleet Tracking offers live information on truck statuses and includes live traffic and weather alerts. With this truck tracking system, you can get a full overview of your drivers and trucks, the fleet’s location, and get alert notifications if the ignition starts, the speed limit is crossed or the truck is idle. With traffic and weather tracking integrations you can optimize the routes and reduce fuel consumption and other expenses. US Fleet Tracking also has activity playback features where you can see up to 90 days back and detailed reports for even more transparency, valuable data, and driver accountability.

Key Features

Best Suited For


  • Most Popular – $29.95 a month per hardwire tracker
  • Blazing Fast – $39.95 a month per hardwire tracker

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Tracking Your Trucks & Employees Is So Much Easier With Workyard

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