The 10 Best Employee Time Clock Apps for 2024

In this article, we review the best employee time clock apps in 2023 to help you pick the right one for your business.
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Field Service Management
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Try The Employee Time Clock App Built For Contractors

Employee time clock apps have become a crucial part of millions of business’ staff management processes, with time tracking and precise scheduling features contributing enormously to modern efficiency gains across many industries. But even the best time clock apps won’t work for all businesses or industries, as there are many options tailored to different use cases, team sizes, and other factors. 

With so many employee time clock apps on the market, you might feel  overwhelmed by the possibilities and find it hard to choose. You’ve come to the right place for answers — we’ll review the top time clock apps on the market for various needs and functionalities, to help you narrow down your options before making what’s bound to be one of the most important choices your company might face this year.

So, if you’re ready to take your employee time tracking and business to the next level, keep reading to learn about the top time clock apps in 2024. You can use the tags below to filter your search based on features or industry types:


Best for construction & field services


89 reviews


114 reviews

Workyard’s employee time clock app is the perfect choice for construction and field service businesses, contractors, and property maintenance managers.

With Workyard, you can accurately track employee hours (including overtime and breaks), and leverage precise GPS tracking to monitor drive time and mileage.

Workyard’s employee time clock app is easy-to-use for all employees and designed for the field, ensuring adoption sticks.

With features like automatic clock-in, overtime calculations, and accounting software integrations, Workyard’s job costing software also streamlines payroll processing to keep you focused on the work you love.

  Used by 1,000’s of general and specialty contractors

  24/7 live rep support

  Designed to be easy to adopt for field workers

  Save thousands of dollars on payroll with the most precise GPS tracker in the market

  Break down labor costs by project and cost code


  5-star rating on Capterra

Time Tracking

Accurate and simple time tracking is essential for success, and the Workyard time clock app provides both in the palm of your hand. With this tool, you can track employee hours and get a better understanding of the total time spent on a project. With this data, it is easy to create better schedules and save money and time on each task. 

You can effortlessly compute hourly rates, overtime, and mileage reimbursements with the fastest and most reliable time monitoring and automation of the entire process.

Precise GPS Tracking

Workyard provides an advanced GPS time clock app that allows you to readily see when workers arrived and left the job site, the miles they’ve traveled, and the exact location they are now in and travel time for driving trips. You can also create highly targeted custom geofencing rules to automate clock-in and clock-out when sending your workers to disparate field locations.

Built-in Job Scheduling


Workyard includes features like job scheduling, allowing you to easily create work schedules for your team and communicate exactly what needs to get done with notes, checklists, photos, and documents.

Easy to Use

The Workyard employee time clock app is ideal for busy construction workers since it is simple to use and includes GPS-based reminders to prompt employees to clock in and out. Employees will also be reminded to take obligatory breaks, ensuring that you, as the employer, remain in compliance with any applicable employment laws.

Complete installation takes only a few minutes — seconds for the employee mobile app — and all of your employees can access the app and clock in and out with a few clicks.

Integration with Accounting and Payroll Systems


Workyard software integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Sage, Foundation, other leading payroll providers, and other ERPs, making it much easier to handle your team’s paychecks quickly and accurately.

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Best free time clock app for one location


1.9K reviews


1.9K reviews

Clockify lets you use any smart device with an internet connection as a time clock kiosk. Its basic time-tracking functionality is available for free, with multiple pricing tiers available offering additional features. The software is simple to set up and use, and it is especially beneficial for time monitoring and scheduling for businesses working out of a single centralized location — although Clockify does have a GPS tracking feature for distributed field teams as well.

Employees can clock in and out, take breaks, and ensure shift coverage in real-time with just a few clicks. On top of its other strong features, the Clockify app also has a range of reporting features to help you assess employee productivity and payroll costs, and also allows you to export timesheets for payroll and process them further.

Precise and Easy Time Tracking

With the Clockify app, any device can become a kiosk for logging in and out and precise time tracking. It’s easy to use and the employee time clock app will automatically track the hours of all employees, note breaks, and allow them to clock in and out with just a couple of clicks.

Export Timesheets for Payroll

With excellent payroll integrations, you can use the Clockify app to record all data and submit timesheets for processing and payment. This will save you a lot of manual labor and computations, as well as assure appropriate compensation for each hour worked.

Clock In/Clock Out Made Easy


Busy healthcare employees can effortlessly clock in and out and access their accounts from anywhere using the unique PIN. Your employees can devote more time to patients and less time to paperwork and complex systems with efficient time tracking and quick clocking in and out.

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Best for payroll integrations


116K reviews


56K reviews

QuickBooks’ employee time clock app is designed to be used by companies in a wide range of industries. It’s simple to use, and employees can clock in and out with a few clicks from any device with an internet connection. Since it’s part of the Intuit QuickBooks family of products, it’s used by millions and also integrates seamlessly with other QuickBooks software.

Easy and secure clock-in on any device

All your employees can clock in and out using any device and their unique PIN with the QuickBooks employee time clock app. It’s simple, quick, and efficient, with extra security features like photo capture. Most employees use the companion mobile app (QuickBooks Workforce) or the Time Kiosk app — which typically runs on tablets set up on-site — to clock in and out.  You can prevent time theft and buddy punching in your company by adding features like photo capture and a unique PIN for each employee.

Simple employee scheduling

You can quickly create and share schedules, adjust plans, cover shifts, and guarantee a smooth timetable using the QuickBooks time clock app. Added notifications will alert you if any of the employees are late or absent, and every employee will receive notifications if the schedule changes.

Integrations with payroll programs and ERPs

QuickBooks will allow you to add time rounding, create insightful reports for each pay period and submit timesheets for payroll directly from the time clock app. Integrations with various ERPs simplify the payroll process.

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Best for small businesses with HR needs


47K reviews


19.1K reviews

Homebase is a solid employee time clock app built to support small business teams, particularly in high-volume and high-turnover industries. Not only does Homebase include a range of useful time-tracking features, it also comes with several HR-focused features, such as hiring and onboarding and “employee happiness,” which is a perk-centered benefits management system with employee feedback collection tools.


The Homebase employee time clock app is available for free to small businesses with up to 20 employees, with additional features available in several pricing tiers. It’s simple for employees to use, but the Homebase employee-management platform includes many more features for managers and HR leaders.

Smart time clocks

The Homebase free employee time clock app makes clocking in and out, monitoring hours, and even tracking location simple. You can manage your office and long-distance teams, and employees can clock in in seconds with their unique PIN. There are also several notifications and reminders offered to assist you in tracking overtime, late workers, and much more. Furthermore, payroll integrations simplify the process by doing all calculations automatically.

Hiring and onboarding

Homebase is an exceptionally useful app for businesses with a high turnover rate. You can use the app to streamline the entire process of submitting a hiring ad, screening applications, and even onboarding new hires. You can distribute automated onboarding materials or plans to new workers and can also design a welcome package in minutes. With the Homebase app, you can reach more individuals and manage the entire hiring process from one location.

Optimized scheduling

The Homebase employee time clock app excels at staff scheduling, particularly when your scheduling practices are location-based, which tends to be the case for retailers, healthcare providers, and creative services like beauty and wellness providers.

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Best for compliance


2.7K reviews


13.1K reviews

If you require quick and precise scheduling and team management, the Deputy employee time clock app could be a good choice. This simple yet effective employee time clock app allows you to build schedules on the fly, create templates, and guarantee all shifts are covered in minutes. The Deputy time clock app is simple for workers to use, and has some features — like facial recognition for clock-ins — you don’t often see in employee time clock apps.

Compliance at its core

Many businesses live or die on their ability to effectively navigate regulatory and legal compliance requirements for their workforce. Not only does Deputy have hands-free clock-in as part of its health and wellness focus, it also includes wellness checks to ensure employees don’t enter the workplace with COVID-19 symptoms. Additionally, Deputy also has detailed break compliance rules and extensive legal recordkeeping for other compliance requirements.

Scheduling employees to meet demand and budget

You can effortlessly manage your teams based on demand and budget with the Deputy specialist scheduling software. The application will enable you to forecast how many staff members you will require on specific days and make modifications on the fly while notifying your personnel.

Easy Staff Engagement

Engage your employees and let them know their schedules ahead of time so they can create a better work-life balance. Employees can use the Deputy app to set their availability, request leave, send messages, and swap shifts with each other.


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Best for businesses with multiple locations