What Do GPS Trackers Look Like?

GPS trackers range from discreet boxes to robust devices designed for various purposes, such as tracking people, pets, or vehicles.

GPS trackers have become increasingly popular, from fleet management and vehicle tracking to personal security and pet monitoring. As these devices have evolved, their designs and appearances have diversified, making it essential to understand what they look like and how they function.

It’s important to note that GPS trackers come in all shapes and sizes, each designed to cater to specific tracking needs. While some devices are sleek and compact, others are hardier and designed for heavy-duty applications. Here are some common forms of GPS trackers:

Personal GPS trackers: These are small and portable devices designed to be carried by individuals. They can be attached to keychains and belts or placed in a pocket. They are usually rectangular or circular and often have a single button for easy operation.

Vehicle GPS trackers: These are larger devices that get installed in vehicles. They are usually hidden under the dashboard or in the trunk of the car. They may be rectangular or square, and they often have an antenna extending out of the device.

Asset GPS trackers: These devices track assets such as shipping containers or valuable equipment. They may be rectangular or square in shape, and they are often ruggedized to withstand harsh conditions.

Most GPS trackers have some standard features. They typically have a GPS receiver to receive signals from GPS satellites, a processor to calculate the device’s location, and a transmitter to send the location data to a remote server. Some GPS trackers also have features such as geofencing, allowing the user to set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts if the device leaves the designated area.

GPS trackers can take on many appearances, depending on their intended use. Understanding the different forms of GPS trackers allows users to select the best device for their specific tracking needs, ensuring optimal functionality and peace of mind.


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