Time Clock Apps: Top Picks By Industry In 2022

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  • 10 min read


    In this article, we review the best time clock apps in 2022 and help you pick the right one for your business.

    With so many time clock apps on the market, you may be overwhelmed by the possibilities and decisions, therefore we are focused on the general needs that every app should have before selecting the best ones for your industry. 

    So, if you’re ready to take your time tracking and business to the next level, keep reading to learn about the top time clock apps in 2022.

    What to Look Out for When Picking a Time Clock App

    Time clock apps have become a crucial part of automated staff management, time tracking, and precise scheduling. But, even the best time apps are not applicable to all industries considering different teams and establishments might benefit from different features. 

    In general, there are a few crucial features to look into that can determine if the time clock app is right for your business:


    The App Serves Customers in Your Industry

    Choosing the best time clock app should start with your industry in mind. In this manner, you can discover an app that fully understands your demands and requirements, as well as having all of the features you may require. It’s not the same to look for an app to manage your medical staff and monitor construction employees’ locations, times, and working hours.

    So, before making a final decision, it’s always a good idea to look at the app’s fundamental features as well as customer feedback. This can save you a lot of time and money when browsing for the ideal app for your needs.


    GPS Accuracy

    Most businesses and sectors can significantly benefit  from using a time clock app  with GPS tracking built-in. With exact locations, hours, and simple clocking in and out, you can worry less about tedious calculations and focus more on optimizing your company strategy.

    A well-designed and dependable GPS system will assist you in creating the best schedules, having a better overview of locations, conveniently track mileage, and even remind your personnel to clock in and out.

    Some time clock apps such as Workyard even have additional features that will notify you about any location inconsistencies and help you easily integrate solutions into your existing payroll system.


    Ease of Adoption

    It’s one thing to have amazing features in a time clock app, and quite another to actually use them with ease. As a result, you should assess the app’s usability and implementation with all employees and only select those that are simple to implement.

    Choose a clean layout, an easy-to-navigate dashboard, and a few easily accessible features that can be modified with a single click.


    Built-In Compliance

    Improved and automated time clock apps should have all of the features necessary to ensure compliance with local and federal legislation, especially in states like California. A well-designed time clock app will assist you in keeping track of hours, mileage, and overtime, and even remind your staff to take mandated breaks.

    Furthermore, the time clock app you use should perform these calculations automatically, saving you a significant amount of time and manual labor.


    Integration With Accounting and Payroll Software

    Aside from all of the features described above, that will help you gather and save the proper data, a time clock app should integrate with accounting and payroll systems.

    In this manner, all necessary data for subsequent processing, such as hours worked, miles traveled, overtime hours, and so on, can be provided straight to the payroll system.

    Your time clock app will handle all of the calculations, compliance, and paperwork for you with the proper integrations, saving you money and time in the long run.


    Customer Support

    Even though time clock applications should be simple to set up and use on a regular basis, it’s critical to find one with excellent customer service in case you need it. If the system is running properly, you shouldn’t need any further help, but picking time clock apps with actual, human assistance that you can talk to can make all the difference.

    Our Top Picks By Industry










    Best for Construction & Field Services


    38 reviews


    66 reviews


    11 reviews

    The Workyard time clock app is the perfect choice if you need a time clock app for construction, home services, contractors, or property maintenance.

    This time clock software will let you manage your crew, log in the hours, track the miles, and use accurate GPS to support the entire system, with an easy-to-use interface and even easier implementation. Furthermore, the Workyard time clock software features smooth payroll interfaces, which makes your work and automatic calculations even easier.

    Used by 1,000’s general and specialty contractors

    24/7 live rep support

    Designed to be easy to adopt for field workers

    Save thousands of dollars on payroll with the most precise GPS tracker in the market

    Break down labor costs by project and cost code

    5-star rating on Capterra

    Time tracking

    Accurate and simple time tracking is essential for success, and the Workyard time clock app provides both in the palm of your hand. With this tool, you can track employee hours and get a better understanding of the total time spent on a project. With this data, it is easy to create better schedules and save money and time on each task. 

    You can effortlessly compute hourly rates, overtime, and mileage reimbursements with the fastest and most reliable time monitoring and automation of the entire process.

    Precise GPS tracking

    Workyard provides a cutting-edge GPS time clock app that allows you to readily see when workers arrived and left the job site, the miles they’ve traveled, and the exact location they are now in and travel time for driving trips. With such a precise system in place, you can more effectively track and manage your construction workers, develop better schedules, and adjust plans based on location in a matter of minutes.

    Job scheduling built-in

    Being one of the top time clock apps for construction workers, Workyard includes features like job scheduling That allows you to easily create work schedules for your team and communicate exactly what needs to get done with notes, checklists, photos, and documents.

    Easy to use

    The Workyard time clock app is ideal for busy construction workers since it is simple to use and includes GPS-based reminders to prompt employees to clock in and out. Furthermore, employees will be reminded to take obligatory breaks, ensuring that you, as the employer, remain in accordance with the law.

    The complete application installation takes only a few minutes, and all of your employees can access the app and clock in and out with a few clicks.

    Integration with accounting and payroll systems

    As previously said, it is critical to evaluate all integrations when selecting a time clock app for your company. Workyard software integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Leading Payroll Providers, Sage, Foundation, and other ERPs, making business management simple.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – 14 days of unlimited usage without credit card info
    • Time Tracking – $6/mo per user + $50/mo company base fee (paid annually)
    • Workforce Management – $13/mo per user + $50/mo company base fee (paid annually)
    • Large Workforces – Custom pricing for organizations with more than 50 employees


    Best for Healthcare


    1.3K reviews


    1.2K reviews


    4.2K reviews

    Clockify lets you use any smart device with an internet connection as a time clock kiosk. The software is simple to set up and use, and it is especially beneficial for time monitoring and scheduling in healthcare.

    The employees can clock in and out, take breaks and ensure shift coverage in real-time with just a few clicks. On top of all the great features, the Clockify app also allows you to export timesheets for payroll and process them further.

    1 hour average response time and amazing support

    Highest uptime levels of up to 99,99%

    95% satisfaction score with time and expense tracking being the most popular feature

    Precise and Easy Time Tracking

    With the Clockify app, any device can become their famous kiosk for logging in and out, and precise time tracking. It’s very easy to use and the time clock will automatically track the hours of all employees, note breaks, and allow them to clock in and out with just a couple of clicks.

    Healthcare shift scheduling app

    Because of features such as the shift scheduling app, the Clockify app is extremely valuable for healthcare staff companies. You can check who is available and if all shifts are effectively covered with a simple design and excellent overview. You can plan the shifts ahead of time and make modifications with simple drag-and-drop actions that all employees can readily access and review.

    Export timesheets for payroll

    With excellent payroll integrations, you can use the Clockify app to record all data and submit timesheets for processing and payment. This will save you a lot of manual labor and computations, as well as assure appropriate compensation for each hour worked.

    Clock In/Clock Out Made Easy

    Busy healthcare employees can effortlessly clock in and out and access their accounts from anywhere using the unique PIN. Your employees can devote more time to patients and less time to paperwork and complex systems with efficient time tracking and quick clocking in and out.

    Key Features


    • Free unlimited plan with the option to upgrade for more features
    • Basic plan – $ 3.99 per user/month billed annually or $4.99 if billed monthly
    • Standard – $ 5.49 per user/month billed annually or $6.99 if billed monthly
    • Pro – $ 7.99 per user/month billed annually or $9.99 if billed monthly
    • Enterprise – $ 11.99 per user/month billed annually or $14.99 if billed monthly


    Best for Manufacturing and Warehouse


    92.4K reviews


    25.8K reviews


    5.7K reviews

    Quickbooks employee time clock app is designed specifically for warehouse and industrial workers. It’s simple to use, and employees can clock in and out with a few clicks from any device with an internet connection. You can prevent time theft and buddy punching in your company by adding features like photo capture and a unique PIN for each employee.

    Over 70,000 companies and over a million users use the app daily

    Fast clocking in and out that takes less than 20 seconds

    Part of the well-established QuickBooks software

    Easy and Secure Punch-In on Any Device

    All your employees can clock in and out using any device and their unique PIN with the QuickBooks time clock app. It’s simple, quick, and efficient, with extra security features like photo capture.

    Simple employee scheduling

    You can quickly create and share schedules, adjust plans, cover shifts, and guarantee a smooth timetable using the QuickBooks time clock app. Added notifications will alert you if any of the employees are late or absent, and every employee will receive notifications if the schedule changes.

    Integrations with different ERPs

    QuickBooks will allow you to add time rounding, create insightful reports for each pay period and submit timesheets for payroll directly from the time clock app. Integrations with various EPRs simplify the payroll process.

    Key Features


    • Free trial for 30 days
    • Elite – $40/mo + $10 per user per month
    • Premium – $20/mo + $8 per user per month


    Best for Retail


    36.9K reviews


    16,5K reviews


    868 reviews

    Homebase is a great time clock app that can assist you in managing your team members in the busiest industries, such as retail. The employee’s clock is adaptable to the demands of businesses with a large number of employees, busy schedules, and high turnover. It’s simple to use and navigate, with clear layouts, timetables, and payrolls. The app works flawlessly on practically any mobile device and offers a variety of plans and features to meet your specific requirements.

    Over 100K business owners signed up

    Top Rated Time Clock & Scheduling Software (Blueprint)

    Capterra Top Performer Time Clock & Scheduling Software 2021

    Hiring and onboarding

    Homebase is an exceptionally useful app for retail businesses with a high turnover rate. You can use the app to streamline the entire process of submitting an ad, screening applications, and even onboarding new members. You can distribute automated papers to new workers and design a welcome package in minutes. With the app, you can reach more individuals and manage the entire hiring process from one location.

    Optimized scheduling

    It is critical for retail businesses to cover all shifts and create the best schedule possible. That is why the Homebase time clock app has excellent ratings and even better staff scheduling software that allows you to create, modify and share schedules in minutes.

    Smart time clocks

    The Homebase free time clock app makes clocking in and out, monitoring hours, and even tracking location simple. You can manage your office and long-distance teams, and employees can clock in in seconds with their unique PIN. There are also several notifications and reminders offered to assist you in tracking overtime, late workers, and much more. Furthermore, payroll integrations simplify the process by doing all calculations automatically.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – 14 days of unlimited usage without credit card info
    • ESSENTIALS – $24.95 / per month / per location
    • PLUS – $59.95 / per month / per location
    • ALL IN ONE – $99.95 / per month / per location


    Best for Hospitality & Leisure


    3.5K reviews


    12.1K reviews


    595 reviews

    If you require quick and precise scheduling and team management in the hospitality and leisure business, the Deputy time clock app is an excellent choice. This simple yet effective time clock app allows you to build schedules on the fly, create templates, and guarantee all shifts are covered in minutes. The Deputy app is simple for workers to use, and with additional payroll integrations, the complete system will help your business run more efficiently.

    Trusted by 330,000+ Workplaces Across the Globe

    590+ Glowing Reviews on Capterra

    Scheduling Your Employees With the Help of AI

    Scheduling the employees to meet demand and budget

    You can effortlessly manage your teams based on demand and budget with the Deputy specialist scheduling software. The application will enable you to forecast how many staff members you will require on specific days and make modifications on the fly while notifying your personnel.

    Record employee time, attendance, and wellness

    With hectic schedules in hospitality and leisure, it’s critical to know who is checking in, who is late, and whether any shifts need to be covered. This is why Deputy is one of our top picks for time clock apps since you can access all of your settings with just a few taps.

    Easy Staff Engagement

    Engage your employees and let them know the schedules ahead of time so they can create a better work-life balance. Employees can use the Deputy app to set their availability, request leave, send messages, and swap shifts.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – Up to 31 days, 24/7 support, no credit card required
    • Scheduling – $3.50 per user per month billed monthly
    • Time & Attendance – $3.50 per user per month billed monthly
    • Premium – $4.90 per user per month billed monthly / $4.20 per user per month billed annually
    • Enterprise – custom pricing for Enterprise clients


    Best for Restaurants


    23.1K reviews


    5.27K reviews


    115 reviews

    For restaurant owners and managers, Sling is one of the finest time clock apps. This tool will help you create schedules faster and better manage your costs. You can handle everything from a single platform and manage your staff with a few clicks.

    4.8 score on Google Play Store

    Capterra top performer in 2022

    Seamless integration with Toast

    Restaurant employee scheduling

    Sling will assist you in creating the best schedule possible depending on your team, budget, and demand. You will have exactly the proper amount of personnel and thereby eliminate all unnecessary expenditures. Furthermore, your staff will have a better understanding of the schedule and will be able to make any necessary changes with only a few clicks.

    Restaurant task management

    Everyone will know what their responsibilities are using specific work assignments that you can design or use one of the available templates. This will allow you to simply manage and run your restaurant business while staying on top of all the tedious tasks that must be completed throughout each shift.

    Simple time tracking and payroll processing

    Track staff hours and labor expenditures easily, and export timesheets for automated payroll processing. Enable GPS geofencing or use a dedicated time clock terminal to automatically clock employees in and out for enhanced time clock accuracy.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – Unlimited time
    • Premium – $2.00 per user per month
    • Business – $4.00 per user per month


    Best for Freelancers


    207 reviews


    73 reviews


    4 reviews

    One of the greatest solutions for busy freelancers is the Bonsai time clock app. This one-of-a-kind tool combines remote employee management, invoicing, and contracts into a single app. It’s ideal for small company owners and individuals who want to spend less time handling paperwork and more time making money.

    Trusted by 500K+ self-employed workers and small businesses

    180 currencies supported

    Multiple pricing options for different clients

    Time Tracking and Invoicing

    Freelancers require a dependable time clock app as well as a method to convert each hour spent into pay. To make your job simpler, you can use the Bonsai app to set automatic invoicing, reminders, and a range of payment alternatives.

    Task Management

    You can have a clear schedule, all the tasks that need to be completed, and a list of clients to consider while producing spreadsheets using the Bonsai app. You will be able to view all of your tasks, expenses, and revenue on the user-friendly dashboard, making it easy to set budgets and goals.

    Key Features


    • Free trial 
    • Starter – $24 per month / $17 per month billed annually
    • Professional – $39 per month / $32 per month billed annually
    • Business – $79 per month / $52 per month billed annually


    Best for Professional Services


    78 reviews


    702 reviews


    1.2K reviews

    Hubstaff is the best time clock app for your professional service company. It’s simple to download and install, and the first setup just takes a few minutes. Hubstaff is ideal for managing billable and non-billable hours, as well as limited budgets and automated project notifications, thanks to its excellent support and even better features.

    Trusted by 40,000+ businesses

    Over 4+ million tasks completed each month

    Over 40 integrations

    In-depth time reporting

    The Hubstaff time clock app allows you to precisely log your hours and generate reports that are distributed straight to your clients for approval. This will save you a lot of time and paperwork while also allowing you to develop professional and trustworthy connections with your clients.

    Pay and bill rates for consultants

    With Hubstaff, you can form diverse teams to work on separate projects, as well as give different hourly rates and responsibilities to each employee. Having everything in one spot and automatically calculated will allow you to better manage your budget, whether it’s project or client-based.

    Automated consultant timesheets

    Automation of consultant timesheets makes it simple to optimize your consultant business. Verify labor hours on detailed digital timesheets before authorizing payments or invoicing. Hubstaff delivers timesheet reporting on a weekly, daily, and monthly basis at any time. For each customer, record consultation hours as billable and non-billable.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – 14 days of unlimited usage without credit card info
    • Desk Starter – $7 / user/mo
    • Desk Pro – $10 / user/mo
    • Enterprise Get a customized plan

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