The 9 Best Construction Time Clock Apps for 2024

We’ve reviewed the top 9 construction time clock apps in 2024, so you can find the best app for your construction or field services business.

Answering your burning questions about construction time clock apps.
What's the best construction time clock app?

Determining the best construction time clock app depends on specific business needs, such as integration capabilities, ease of use, and specific features like GPS tracking or job costing. Here are some of the top contenders based on the provided sources:

1. ClockShark
ClockShark is highly recommended for the construction and field service industries. It offers features like GPS tracking, job costing, and a drag-and-drop scheduling tool, making it a robust choice for managing workforce efficiently.

2. QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets)
QuickBooks Time is ideal for businesses already using QuickBooks for financial management. It provides real-time tracking, customizable alerts, and detailed reporting, which are invaluable for keeping projects on budget and on schedule.

3. Workyard
Workyard is a comprehensive workforce management solution with precise GPS tracking and smooth integration with popular payroll systems. It is designed specifically for construction teams, ensuring accountability and accuracy in time tracking.

4. ExakTime
ExakTime is known for its rugged time clock app that can handle tough field conditions. It includes facial recognition to reduce buddy punching and GPS tracking to monitor worker locations, making it a strong choice for construction companies.

5. Buddy Punch
Buddy Punch combines simplicity with powerful features like GPS tracking and job coding. Its user-friendly interface and flexible settings make it an excellent choice for streamlining time tracking processes in construction businesses.

6. Timeero
Timeero offers GPS time tracking, mileage tracking, and geofencing, which are essential for mobile teams in the construction sector. Its easy-to-use mobile app ensures that employees can clock in and out effortlessly, while managers can keep track of time for accurate billing and payroll.

7. Clockify
Clockify is a free time tracker and timesheet app that allows unlimited users, making it an affordable option for growing construction firms. It provides basic features needed for effective time tracking, along with reporting and project management tools.

While each of these apps has its strengths, ultimately, the best app will depend on your specific business requirements and existing systems.

What are the best free construction time clock apps?

1. Clockify
Clockify is highlighted as one of the best free time tracking apps for construction companies. Some key points about Clockify:

  • It is completely free to use, with no limits on the number of users
  • Offers basic time tracking features like online timesheets, project/task tracking, reporting
  • Simple and easy to use interface, available on multiple platforms
  • Lacks some advanced construction-specific features like GPS tracking, job costing etc.

2. Jibble
Jibble is another excellent free time tracking solution specifically mentioned for the construction industry. Its key features include:

  • Completely free to use with no restrictions
  • Offers auto clock-in/out, multiple location tracking for mobile workers
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Lacks advanced integrations and has some compatibility issues reported

While not entirely free, some other apps like Buddy Punch and Timeero offer free trial periods to test out their construction time tracking capabilities before subscribing to a paid plan.

It’s important to note that while free apps can provide basic time tracking, they may lack advanced features like GPS tracking, job costing, scheduling tools etc. that are crucial for construction businesses. Paid apps like ClockShark, QuickBooks Time, and Workyard offer more robust industry-specific solutions but at a cost.

Ultimately, the best free app depends on your specific requirements. Clockify and Jibble stand out as capable free options, but paid apps may be necessary for more complex construction time tracking needs.

What are some essential features of the best construction time clock apps?

1. GPS Tracking
GPS tracking is highlighted as a crucial feature for construction time clock apps across multiple sources. It allows companies to accurately track the location of their mobile workforce when clocking in/out, ensuring accountability and preventing time theft.

2. Geofencing
Several top apps like Timeero, Connecteam, and Hubstaff offer geofencing capabilities. This allows setting up virtual boundaries around job sites, only allowing clock-ins/outs within those designated areas.

3. Job/Task Tracking
The ability to track time against specific jobs, tasks or projects is essential for construction firms. Apps like ClockShark, Workyard, and Buddy Punch provide this functionality for accurate job costing and billing.

4. Mobile Apps
With construction workers being highly mobile, top time clock apps offer easy-to-use mobile apps for iOS and Android. This allows convenient clocking in/out from the field using smartphones or tablets.

5. Scheduling/Crew Management
Robust apps like ClockShark and QuickBooks Time offer scheduling and crew management tools tailored for construction. This helps in efficiently deploying the right workers to the right jobs.

6. Payroll/Accounting Integration
Seamless integration with payroll providers and accounting software like QuickBooks is a valuable feature highlighted for apps like QuickBooks Time and Workyard.

7. Reporting/Analytics
Detailed reporting on hours worked, productivity, job costing etc. is crucial for construction project management. Apps like Time Doctor and Insightful provide in-depth analytics.

8. Facial Recognition
To prevent buddy punching, facial recognition for clock-ins is an important feature offered by apps like ExakTime.

While free apps like Clockify and Jibble provide basic time tracking, paid solutions like ClockShark, QuickBooks Time and Workyard are highlighted as having the most comprehensive, construction-specific features.

How do construction time clock apps handle overtime and breaks?

Construction time clock apps typically handle overtime and breaks in the following ways:

Overtime Tracking
Most top construction time clock apps offer robust overtime tracking capabilities:

  • They automatically calculate overtime hours based on predefined rules and thresholds
  • Managers can set overtime policies like overtime rates, daily/weekly overtime limits etc.
  • Apps like Workyard and QuickBooks Time provide real-time alerts when employees approach overtime limits
  • Detailed overtime reports are available, breaking down regular vs overtime hours for payroll purposes

Break Tracking
Handling breaks accurately is crucial for construction firms to remain compliant with labor laws. Time clock apps offer:

  • Options to clock in/out for paid and unpaid break periods
  • Automatic break deductions if employees miss clocking in/out for breaks
  • Alerts/notifications for missed or incomplete breaks
  • Reporting on total break time taken by each employee

Some advanced apps like ClockShark and Workyard even allow setting up break enforcement rules based on shift length, preventing employees from working extended periods without breaks.

Additionally, many apps provide geofencing capabilities to ensure employees are clocking in/out and taking breaks within designated work areas using GPS tracking.

Overall, the best construction time clock apps offer robust and configurable overtime and break handling to ensure accurate payroll, prevent labor violations, and maintain a productive workforce. Apps like Workyard, ClockShark and QuickBooks Time are highlighted as leaders in this aspect.

What construction time clock apps work with QuickBooks?

Here are some of the top construction time clock apps that integrate with QuickBooks:

1. QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets)
QuickBooks Time is the native time tracking solution from Intuit, designed to seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks accounting software. Some key features for construction companies:

  • Mobile app for clocking in/out from job sites
  • GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities
  • Scheduling tools and crew management
  • Facial recognition and photo capture to prevent buddy punching
  • Automatic data transfer to QuickBooks for payroll processing

2. Workyard
Workyard is highlighted as a comprehensive workforce management solution tailored for construction teams, with tight integration with QuickBooks and other payroll providers.

  • Precise GPS tracking and geofencing
  • Job and project tracking with real-time job costing
  • Scheduling and compliance management features

3. Connecteam
Connecteam is an all-in-one team management app that offers full integration with QuickBooks Online through a simple one-click export process.

  • Mobile app for location-based time tracking
  • Kiosk mode for shared devices at job sites
  • Task management and employee communication tools

4. Buddy Punch
Buddy Punch combines time tracking features like GPS, job coding and payroll integration, with a simple and user-friendly interface suitable for construction firms.

5. Clockify
While not construction-specific, Clockify is a free time tracking app that allows exporting timesheets to QuickBooks for payroll processing.

QuickBooks Time and Workyard are among the most robust, construction-focused solutions that tightly integrate with QuickBooks for functions like payroll, job costing, scheduling and more. Apps like Connecteam and Buddy Punch offer more affordable alternatives with core time tracking and QuickBooks integration capabilities.

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