10 Best Appointment Booking Software Solutions for 2024

This guide features 10 of the best appointment booking software solutions for 2024. Filter by features and industry type to choose the best fit for you.

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Are you finding it hard to get bookings from your customers?

Maybe you’re constantly being overbooked, and you can’t seem to manage your time properly. You may not have safeguards if customers cancel their appointments, leaving you unproductive for that time block or day. Maybe the booking process just feels like a never-ending game of phone tag.

Or maybe you struggle to match the best field worker to an emergency work order and keep being overbilled due to poor time-tracking capabilities. 

An appointment booking app that’s tailor-made for your business needs can help whether you operate as a field services business, run a freelance consulting gig, or run service-based businesses from a store or fixed location.

Below, we share and review ten appointment scheduling apps with their major features and the type of industries they’re suitable for.


Best for field services and construction businesses


91 reviews

Workyard is an exceptional tool for contractors, with an easy-to-use digital team calendar via the Contractor Scheduling feature. 

Field workers can easily see their schedule for the day and days ahead on the Workyard App. You can make schedules for projects, book work orders, emergency tasks, and recurring tasks. 

Crew members will not only know where to be, but you can also guide them on what to do with a checklist. Add extra attachments like pictures, documents, and notes to provide more clarity. 

Furthermore, as employees tick off each item on their to-do list, they can send images and notes, helping you confirm and track job progress. You can also easily link your CRM tool with Workyard to schedule jobs as they’re assigned. 

Furthermore, say bye-bye to inflated payroll costs with Workyard’s GPS Time Clock. It lets you know the minute workers reach a particular location and the minute they leave. 

Workers often round off arrival times to 4:00 when they arrive by 4:15. If every worker does the same, it’s easy to see how that piles up in inflated payroll costs over the year – but that problem can be eliminated with Workyard’s accurate tracking systems.

Explore Workyard’s appointment booking solutions and other features with a free trial today.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:


Try Workyard free for 14 days.
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Best appointment booking software for consultants


34,962 reviews


10,971 reviews

Calendly makes it easy for anyone to set up a way to manage access to their time, especially for individuals. With Calendly, you can share your scheduling link with anyone via text, email, or social media or embed it on your website with a single line of code. 

The recipient or user will have visibility into the dates and times they can schedule a meeting or service. Calendly users can also automate communication for appointment reminders and thank you notes for a more engaging experience. 

You can set and customize your availability with extra rules that suit you. For example, you can set up restrictions that prevent scheduling meetings less than five days before the date. This way, you can avoid surprise meetings that may catch you unawares.

With intelligent time zone detection, you don’t have to worry about calculating GMT, ES, UTC, or any of the numerous time zones. Calendly also integrates with Google Calendar and other popular calendar apps, ensuring you miss nothing.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:




Best online appointment booking software for service-based businesses


48 reviews


286 reviews

SimplyBook.me reduces no-shows and helps avoid double-booking with a suite of features designed to support smaller service-based businesses.

You can send tailored automatic reminders to staff and providers working for your business. You can also set the frequency of these reminders. Businesses can also receive payments with SimplyBook.me and charge deposits upfront, which reduces last-minute cancellations and compensates you all the same when they happen. 

A notable feature of SimplyBook.me is the ability to accept appointments via your social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) via a “Book Now” button. SimplyBook.me also helps publish your services on Google, where people can book your services online or schedule appointments.

On top of these helpful integrations, users can also create and send out custom features or promotions like coupons, gift cards, the ability to tip, memberships, waiting lists, and much more.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:




Best for providers with multiple locations


155,975 reviews


11,002 reviews

Some of the core features of Square Appointments include scheduling, client management, a point of sale system, staff management, inventory management, and easy integrations. 

Square’s client management feature works like a CRM. You can store different notes on every customer, such as their birthday or preferences, for personalized experiences. The point-of-sale system comes with contactless payment processing and the ability to keep client cards on file. 

The staff management allows you to grant permissions to staff and avoid having to micromanage the business. For example, senior staff can issue refunds without you. Business owners can create a free, branded online store or free online booking website with a few clicks. The store can combine both services and item checkout.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:



Acuity Scheduling logo

Best for small businesses in the health, wellness, and fitness industries


26,341 reviews


4,456 reviews

Acuity Scheduling makes scheduling appointments a breeze, especially for service providers with multiple locations. Create different calendars for each store and manage them from a centralized dashboard. 

Acuity Scheduling also has incredible reporting capabilities to help you gain valuable insights on appointments, no-shows, and staff performance. 

Integrate with many other tools, like MailChimp, calendar apps, and accounting and CRM apps. You can use its integration with MailChimp to send promotional emails to all your customers.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:



zoho bookings

Best online appointment booking software for service-based businesses


37 reviews


130 reviews

One of the most notable features of Zoho Bookings is the ability to add buffer times to your calendar. This means you’re giving yourself enough time to prepare between meetings or appointments. 

Similarly, you can add rules that prevent clients from registering surprise appointments or meetings too far ahead. Users can also qualify customers by adding pertinent questions to the booking interface. With integrated online meeting tools, you can meet customers online or offline. You can also create a premium service charge for members of staff. 

Perhaps you have a celebrity hairstylist coming in, or one is super experienced and skilled. You can integrate Zoho Bookings with any CRM to automatically add new customer details from these “guest stars” to your database. Like many of the tools we’ve reviewed, Zoho Bookings also handled automatic reminders well by sending both email and text messages.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:



hubspot logo

Best appointment booking software for sales reps

HubSpot Meetings is a simple tool created for sales agents to help them schedule meetings and appointments with prospects. 

Prospects can schedule a meeting with one or more sales reps or contact persons. Such action also triggers the addition of the potential customer to the HubSpot contacts database, a form of CRM. 

Sync HubSpot Meetings with your calendar tools like Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar to ensure no double booking on any date or time block. You can embed HubSpot Meetings to your website with no prior coding experience. You can also add a schedule link to the emails you send to a prospect for convenient booking.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:



Best appointment booking software for rental services


1 reviews


115 reviews

Appointy uses “intelligent algorithms” to assign staff to online appointments based on availability and skill set. Protect your business from no-shows by charging upfront fees thanks to integrations with PayPal and Stripe. 

This step helps you avoid casual bookings from tire-kickers who don’t plan to follow through. Customers can also book you from multiple channels, including social media and website, via a “Book Now” button. 

Another noteworthy feature is that you can use Appointy for other resources like space, facilities, and equipment. So this works well for you if you offer rental services. Additionally, appointments can either be virtual or offline – the former can be managed through a Zoom integration. With Appointy, providers can allow back-to-back, recurring, or group bookings.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:



Housecall Pro

Best appointment booking software for residential service providers


9,102 reviews


2,224 reviews

Housecall Pro is a tool for booking field service orders on the go or from the office. Office managers or supervisors can set up an arrival window for their team to ensure field workers arrive at the customer’s preferred period. With Housecall Pro, users can pull customer records to check their history and job preferences. 

Overall, Housecall Pro is set up to be more of a business management tool for field services businesses than a dedicated scheduling and appointment booking service. 

Other features you can get on the app include expense cards, consumer financing, a sales proposal tool, a call answering service, and more. The software can help you reduce paperwork and your dependence on multiple apps.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:



Best appointment booking software for freelancers


‎5,426 reviews


2,891 reviews

The key features of Jobber include automatic confirmations, scheduling and booking preferences, team assignment, and integrations. 

With booking preferences, field services businesses can set rules to accept only bookings within a specified drive time, thus prioritizing bookings that align with existing appointments. 

You can also create rules for how soon or late customers can schedule a job, gaps between appointments, and days booking slots are made public. Jobber automatically assigns booked orders to free agents and adds the job to their calendar.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:


Frequently Asked Questions About Appointment Booking Software

The best free online appointment scheduling software for field services businesses is Workyard. You can get a free trial for 14 days and access all of its features. 

No credit card ask! For those with location-based businesses or consulting, Calendly is the best free option. 

Note that free online scheduling software provides limited access to features that may not allow you to maximize your business opportunities or enjoy all the benefits of these tools.

The answer to this question will depend on the tool you’re using and your type of business. 

Workyard, which serves field services and construction needs, enables you to schedule appointments (projects, work orders, and emergency and recurring tasks) via a digital calendar. The digital calendar provides an overview of workers and their load. 

Most tools built for store-based service providers or consultants and freelancers will allow you to create a schedule link, which you can share anywhere. 

Some will also allow you to embed a “Book Now” button on your website or social media pages, which takes the customer or client to your booking calendar. 

Additionally, some tools automatically assign jobs to workers based on their availability and expertise if you integrate with your CRM, while a tool like Workyard uses job routing to efficiently route the best and closest field worker to an appointment.

Integrations extend an appointment booking software’s functionality. It’s one of the primary features you should look for when shopping for one. Many tools have native integrations with multiple calendars out of the block, which requires little to no additional input from you.  

Most appointment booking software also comes with an Application Programming Interface or API, which enables you to connect to other tools like calendars and perform operations on many features.

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