The Top 10 Field Service Dispatch Software Solutions in 2024

This guide features 10 of the best field service dispatch software solutions for 2024. Filter by features and industry type to choose the best fit for you.

Running a service-based business can be challenging, especially when it involves managing field fleets.

Tracking mobile employees, systemizing tasks, managing inventory and ensuring timely service can quickly become logistically burdensome. Failing to catch up with demands often leads to missed appointments, delayed responses and displeased clients, which is never a good thing.

To avoid such issues, many service-based businesses opt for field service dispatch software. This innovative tool streamlines operations and brings order to the chaos of field service management

Dispatch software acts as the headquarters of your service operations by optimizing schedules, planning routes, generating reports, allocating resources, and ensuring optimal communication.

It’s a complete program that empowers field service businesses to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency, consequently driving growth. Our guide presents the top 10 field service dispatch software options, their key features and the industries they’re best suited for.


Best Field Service Dispatch Software for Construction


93 reviews


116 reviews

Workyard stands out as one of the leading dispatch software options out there. The modern software is designed for construction companies wanting to take their efficiency, performance and revenue to the next level.

Advanced GPS Tracking

One of Workyard’s principal features is its advanced employee monitoring.

Besides letting employers see where their field fleet is, GPS tracking ensures every minute worked is accounted for. Workyard automatically clocks your fleet’s work hours, travel mileage and project time, allowing employers to estimate their fuel and payroll expenses effortlessly in the reporting dashboard.

It’s one of the most advanced real-time tracking systems among all the dispatch software options.

Contractor-Tailored Scheduling 

Although it’s usually a daunting task, Workyard makes scheduling simple. Their powerful digital calendar allows smoothless drag-and-drop job allocations that you can share immediately via push notifications.

Employers can also benefit from more complex features like detailed work order instructions, tracking job progress, and real-time decision-making. 

Accurate Job Costing

Workyard’s GPS tracking technology cooperates with integrated reporting and analytics mechanisms, creating a job-costing dashboard like no other.

Because all your employees and site managers stay connected via Workyard’s mobile app, all their labour hours, travel mileage and job material expenses are calculated automatically. Employers can see a breakdown of job costs in real time, letting them capture minor problems before they become major.

Key Features:

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fieldaware logo

Best Field Service Dispatch Software for Large Enterprises


19 reviews


194 reviews

FieldAware is a flexible field service dispatch software solution that connects field managers, technicians and the back office in a modern, easy-to-use interface.

Enterprise-Level Capabilities

The strength of FieldAware lies in its versatility; it works smoothly with small, 2-3-employee companies and huge service enterprises.

To meet larger customer databases, FieldAware has developed enterprise-capable features, including dynamic digital forms, advanced analytical reports, and an innovative schedule optimization engine. These features are all designed to allow owners to scale their business while tracking everything in detail to avoid unwanted expenditure issues.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Nobody wants to rely on an outdated, buggy mobile app to get stuff done. That’s why FieldAware ensures their mobile app is modern, easy to use, yet feature-packed to optimize user experience and keep technicians free from stressful technical issues.

Dedicated Customer Support

FieldAware allows business owners to set up a client portal where their customers can easily view upcoming appointments, pay invoices, or request help. Such a portal must always run smoothly to keep your clients satisfied. Therefore, FieldAware provides a live support team that handles technical user issues and is available via telephone, email and text 24 hours daily.

Key Features:

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dispatch logo

Best Field Service Dispatch Software for Integrations


69 reviews


288 reviews

Dispatch is a unique software solution that helps businesses unlock the power of seamless integrations, customer experience and optimal employee performance.

Endless Integrations

If you’re already using FSM, CRM or accounting software, you don’t have to stop using it entirely, as Dispatch has endless options for connectivity.

Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Zapier, Hubspot, Solatech, and Quickbooks are some examples of software that Dispatch can integrate. Not to mention the possibility of custom integrations. Dispatch allows you to benefit from multiple software solutions at once.

Modern Mobile App

Dispatch’s fast and lightweight mobile app is designed for a smooth field personnel experience free from frustration. It empowers technicians by enabling them to view key job details, view their daily schedule, attach invoices, report progress and communicate with the back-office, all in a super-modern interface that doesn’t freeze or bug out due to technical issues.

On-Point Customer Experience

Dispatch has customer experience down to a T, thanks to multiple client-friendly features. First and foremost, the software lets your clients know where a technician is with a live-tracking map and notifies them when a technician is due to arrive with automatic push notifications. It works similarly to ordering food on Uber Eats.

Additionally, Dispatch offers a web-based client support portal where customers can pay for invoices, make queries, and book appointments with a few clicks.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:



Field Edge

Best Field Service Dispatch Software for Remote Scheduling


281 reviews


223 reviews

FieldEdge is precisely what the name suggests: field service dispatch software that gives you the edge when managing field operations, even when you’re on the go.

Dispatch On-The-Go

Some business owners prefer working as field personnel themselves rather than sitting back in the office, which is what FieldEdge is ideal for.

The software allows owners/managers to use the full spectrum of dispatching features even in the field. Instead of using a bulky laptop, you can create detailed work orders and dispatch technicians from a comprehensive mobile application. 

Automated Time Tracking

Forget about physical timesheets. FieldEdge optimizes time tracking with automated clocking systems, so you don’t have to worry about employees forgetting to clock in their working hours.

On the other hand, the live GPS tracking technology lets employers know how the field personnel travel and even their idle time while driving so you can determine which employees have the best driving performance for optimal fuel efficiency.

Create & Manage Crews

It’s no secret that some workers ‘get on well’ together, which results in a great work atmosphere and often a spike in performance. FieldEdge allows you to create crews of multiple field personnel and assign them to various work orders.

It’s always a good idea to ask your employees who they prefer to work with. Keeping employees satisfied is critical to a successful, long-term service business.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:




Best Field Service Dispatch Software for HVAC


33 reviews


34 reviews

Fieldpoint is undoubtedly one of the most powerful dispatch software options on the block. Its wide range of complex asset maintenance features makes it a perfect choice for the HVAC industry.

Advanced Asset Management with IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) technology takes asset maintenance to another level.

Fieldpoint unlocks the power of IoT by letting businesses connect HVAC systems to their software. IoT-enabled sensors on HVAC units can monitor the temperature, humidity and other performance data and transfer it onto your software system in real time.

Using the same method, it’s also possible to remotely control the heating or cooling systems right from the back office. It’s an innovative feature that transforms the way HVAC businesses operate.

Efficient Route Planning

Forget about Google Maps. Fieldpoint uses its own real-time map technology to calculate the most efficient routes for technicians, reducing fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. In addition, Fieldpoint can automatically create schedules based on customer preferences and field employee location.

When a new work order is made, the software will automatically choose a technician with the right skill sets at the right location and automatically send a notification requesting that technician’s approval.

Real-Time Mobile App Communication

Fieldpoint isn’t just dispatch software; it’s a mobile communication that keeps all your employees connected. Besides communicating via customized group chats, technicians can accept or decline requests, adjust work orders, track changes, report job progress and solve issues by swiftly contacting the office team.

Key Features:

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fieldconnect logo

Best Field Service Dispatch Software for Integrations


7 reviews

FieldConnect is a feature-packed dispatch solution designed to connect the technician, dispatcher and back office for a smooth chain of field operations. 

Customizable Form Library

Whether your business is in HVAC, construction or facility management, forms are at the heart of the inspection process.

Besides offering a huge library of pre-built forms to suit any industry, FieldConnect lets you customize them with an advanced form builder. Employers can choose from various input types, including checkboxes, drop-down lists or date pickers, to create custom surveys, inspection forms, audit guidelines, maintenance checklists and more. 

Payments In The Field

Remote invoicing and accounting are crucial for a successful service-based business. FieldConnect enables remote employees to swiftly create estimates and invoices to take card payments while on the field. Customers who can pay on the spot are more likely to be satisfied with your service.

Measure Performance

FieldConnect is equipped with a complete set of reporting tools to evaluate your recent performance.

The software tracks real-time data and stores historical data, allowing business owners to compare key performance indicators month-to-month, year-to-year or day-to-day. Access the figure to determine which technicians perform best or which clients are the most profitable.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:




Best Field Service Dispatch Software for AI Assistance


8900 reviews


2900 reviews

Artificial intelligence has shocked the world in recent years with its endless capabilities. Salesforce is one of the first dispatch software to integrate AI with the field service sector, and there’s no doubt that it’s immensely beneficial.

AI Powered Recommendations

First and foremost, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence support lies at the heart of the software. It’s always on the right side of the dashboard like a trusty super-intelligence robot that oversees every aspect of your business.

The software’s artificial intelligence always recommends the next best action steps, often suggesting actions like scheduling inspection appointments, extending warranties or ordering mechanical parts. As a business owner, you can accept and take action or refuse the AI’s proposals with a straightforward click.

Advanced Appointment Assistant

Ensuring appointments are always scheduled on time can get challenging with large customer bases, but not with Salesforce.

The software does everything for you, including scheduling work orders for technicians and notifying customers days before and on the day of the appointment. This gives your clients a heads up, significantly reducing no-shows, which not only waste money but precious time too.

Strategize with Accurate Forecasting

Salesforce software accurately predicts sales forecasts by combining three leading indicators: historical performance data, real-time data and external data such as industry benchmarks and economic indicators. Surprisingly, Salesforce is one of the only software solutions to leverage external data when forecasting, which makes sense during a recession or other economic crises.

Key Features:

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Best Field Service Dispatch Software for Transport & Logistics


363 reviews


301 reviews

Samsara is a premium dispatch software solution that excels the competition when it comes to the transport and logistics industry. It’s even used by many household delivery brands, including DHL.

Next Level GPS Tracking

Samsara’s tracking tool isn’t your regular GPS tracking. The software uses telematic technology to showcase impressive features like its helicopter view, which gives you an aerial view of any fleet vehicle in real-time. Another equally impressive feature is their smart map overlay, which enables you to overlay your live map with heavy traffic indicators, allowing drivers to avoid traffic jams. 

AI-Powered Safety Cameras

Samsara’s AI-powered dashcam is a leap of innovation for field fleet safety. It is designed to prevent accidents before they happen by detecting possible dangers like tailgating, near misses, speeding or behaviours indicating the driver is distracted or tired.

All of these possible dangers are reported to the management team immediately, ensuring driver safety is at a maximum.

Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics

Samsara aims to spot issues such as minor engine faults or worn brake pads before they become major hazards.

Thanks to an easy-to-use maintenance dashboard, you can avoid breakdown rates by identifying which vehicles need immediate repair or servicing. Additionally, Samsara monitors fuel consumption, allowing business owners to identify which vehicles are the most efficient and which engines may need updating to reduce expenditures.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:



Housecall Pro

Best Field Service Dispatch Software for Landscaping & Lawn Care


9167 reviews


2200 reviews

Housecall Pro is a popular dispatch software option with a long list of field-friendly features designed to empower you and your employees. It’s compatible with many industries, one of them being landscaping and lawn care.

Discover Recurring Plans

Instead of selling regular lawn-cutting services, Housecall Pro lets you use ready-made service agreements and create monthly plans for complete lawn care.

Recurring plans help you generate more income consistently, look professional and build loyal client relationships. Besides, most smart homeowners prefer monthly lawn maintenance plans that cover everything over one-off services.

On-The-Go Invoicing & Payments

Housecall Pro empowers field personnel by enabling on-the-go estimates, invoices, and payment gateways. Your employees can turn up to a work order, give customers an estimation, and complete the job once the price is agreed upon.

Once the lawn service is completed, the customer can receive an invoice via email and pay immediately via credit card with a few effortless clicks.

Let Clients Book Online

The traditional booking system requires customers to call or text your customer service support. Housecall Pro allows customers to book services seamlessly via your website or Google search results. This frees up valuable resources, letting you focus on providing quality lawn care services rather than dealing with unnecessary telephone calls.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:




Best Field Service Dispatch Software for AI Assistance


21 reviews

Sera is a relatively new yet sophisticated field service dispatch solution particularly designed to empower plumbers and electricians. 

Dispatching Simplified

Developed from years of actual plumbing experience, Sera’s simplified dispatching system makes it effortless to view schedules, manually assign jobs, check the live location of your plumbers and track the progress on all your work orders.

In addition, Sera’s software helps you choose the right plumber for the job by carefully evaluating their availability, skill sets, and priorities in a matter of seconds. 

Smart Scheduler

Sera’s smart scheduler allows customers to book their own appointments online instead of speaking on the phone. Clients can head straight to your website at any time of the week and schedule the appointment time that suits them the most.

This saves your dispatcher valuable work time and increases the number of overall bookings, as most clients prefer to book online.

Free Plumbing Pricebook

Every plumber needs a price book, a catalogue of all their services and products combined with the standard prices of those services.

Sera comes with a wide array of customizable plumbing price book templates. It lets your field employees present detailed multi-quote estimations right on the field, leading to a professional brand image and reduced strain on the sales team.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:


Frequently Asked Questions About Field Service Dispatch Software

Service dispatch software serves as the commanding backbone for businesses in the field service sector by efficiently organizing mobile teams. It usually comes in two forms: a desktop program and a mobile application.

The most common features service businesses use include precise tracking to track employee location, optimized scheduling to allocate appointments or work assignments effectively, and mobile apps to allow detailed real-time communication between team members.
In summary, dispatch software lets businesses know exactly where their employees are and how they perform. It then analyzes that data and suggests changes for improving overall efficiency.

Dispatch software is an intelligent program used to optimize and simplify field service operations. It serves as a central command centre that enables service businesses to track field employees, plan their routes, schedule work orders, communicate in real-time, allocate resources and estimate spending.

It’s particularly useful in industries like construction, HVAC, transportation and property maintenance, where employees often operate remotely.

Dispatch software plays a huge role in optimizing the scheduling process and overall management for companies with field-based activities. Here’s how dispatch software can significantly improve scheduling efficiency:


  • Real-Time Tracking – Tools like real-time GPS tracking enables employers to monitor field personnel’s live location precisely. It can even determine how long it takes your employees to perform tasks, how many hours they’ve worked and how they travel to the job location. This feature allows companies to see where their staff is at all times and immediately respond to changing circumstances.
  • Insightful Reporting – Dispatch software often includes reporting features that analyze historical data. Thanks to insightful reports, employers can identify which employees perform best, which contracts bring in the most revenue, or the estimated expenses for the next month.
  • Communication Hub – Besides being great for scheduling, tracking and overall management, field dispatch software can also act as a company communication hub. Field personnel can use the mobile application to report progress, implement changes or even troubleshoot issues by seamlessly communicating with other field employees, the management team or even the back office.

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